Austen Kroll
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Austen Kroll Explains Awkward Wedding Toast on Southern Charm

Nothing could have been more awkward than Madison LeCroy and Brett Randle’s wedding celebration on the Southern Charm Season 9 premiere. Not for Madison, of course, who is completely in love with her husband and couldn’t give Austen Kroll another thought.

But rather for Austen, who was attending his ex-girlfriend’s marital event. Not only that, but he was already getting noticeably cozy with Taylor Ann Green. Shep Rose’s former girlfriend showed up in an emotional and combative mood and started cussing out Craig Conover for withholding information about Shep’s cheating.

It was a mess overall. But there was an additional awkward moment that topped off all the cringe.

Austen acknowledges that making a toast is “no longer my place”

The Messenger caught up with Austen and the rest of the Southern Charm cast during a recent event in Charleston, South Carolina.

He was asked to explain why he decided to pipe up at the end of Madison’s toast to Brett. As cameras rolled, Austen was caught saying, “If I could just say … No I’m kidding.”

As the scene progressed, Madison encouraged her ex-boyfriend to speak, knowing that it would be a comical moment. At Austen’s expense of course.

“Cheers to the happy couple,” Austen stated.

“Wow, very profound,” Shep joked.

“What the f*ck am I doing?” Austen reacted.

The Messenger reminded Austen of what he said during the episode after he admitted, “I think that I blacked it out. I hope it was nice.”

“First off, it was inappropriate for me to ever be long-winded at something like that. It was no longer my place,” Austen explained. “So the only thing I could think of was to be short and sweet.”

Has Austen changed?

The beer aficionado is finally recognizing some boundaries when it comes to Madison. But he also knows that his friends just needed a laugh at his expense.

“Of course, that’s my friends just wanting to see me fumble the bag and wanting to see me slip up and be awkward or whatever,” Austen said. “And I feel like I would have done the exact same thing to Shepard or Craig if they were in the same position.”

Naturally, Austen brings a lot of ridicule and drama on himself. The blurred lines with flirting, leading on, and commitment are perfect for reality TV, but not for a respectful friend group.

“It seems that I’ve dipped my pen in the company ink a little too much,” he acknowledged. “I can say this now, with Madison, she’s moved on, and I’m happy for her.”

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