Jaimee Neale’s Interest in Luka Brunton Is Pure Karma for Culver Bradbury, Here’s Why

Culver Bradbury Below Deck
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When Culver Bradbury set his sights on Jaimee Neale during Below Deck Down Under Season 2, he gave it his some all. First, Culver asked Jaimee to be his girlfriend via a homemade card. This card came complete with a yes or a no box to check off. With a slight WTF expression on her face, Jaimee checked off the yes box, and Culver settled in, thinking that his relationship status was now totally secured.

As viewers, we are able to see Jaimee’s hesitations on being in a committed relationship with Culver. Why Culver himself was blind to her reluctance is another story. That said, this is Culver’s second season on Bravo. During his time on-air, Culver’s poor choices in the dating department seem to be playing out on a repetitive loop.

From flirting with multiple women to acting like a non-paying fool during a recent crew night off, Culver’s reputation is quickly sinking. Enter in the new deckhand, Luka Brunton, who has the hots for Culver’s girl. Growing tired of Culver’s antics, Jaimee is leaning back into Luka’s advances. As a viewer who has also grown weary of Culver Bradbury, I feel like Jaimee’s interest in Luka is pure karma for her new beau Culver; here’s why.

Culver Toyed With Brittini Burton’s Feelings

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On Below Deck Down Under’s first season, Culver struck up a flirtation with a deckhand named Brittini Burton. Brittini was very clearly infatuated with Culver, but his attentions wavered, making him seem noncommittal in return. However, rather than telling Brittini that he wasn’t interested, Culver instead continued to flirt, leading the deckhand painfully on in the process.

On one of the crew’s nights off, Culver even drunkenly made-out with a previous charter guest while at a bar. Even still, rather than letting Brittini down, Culver continued to toy with her emotions back onboard. His flirtations, alongside his lack of clarity with Brittini over his feelings, made for several scenes that were pretty hard to watch. Thankfully, karma isn’t letting this one slide, as Culver is about to see how a lack of transparency truly feels.

Culver Toyed With Tzarina Mace-Ralph’s Feelings

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History repeated itself right off of the bat during Below Deck Down Under Season 2. Once Culver Bradbury stepped onboard, he set his sights on Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph, who reciprocated his advances. The two could often be found in the galley, flirting the charters away.

Culver’s flirtations amped up when João Franco joined the crew, as once settled, João displayed an equal interest in Tzarina. Stating (in a confessional, because to a face isn’t Culver’s style) that the galley and its main occupant were his, Culver increased his flirtations with the Chef. This only caused heightened conflicting feelings for Tzarina, because just like with Brittini, Culver’s intentions were the opposite of clear.

Basically, Culver treats women poorly. Thankfully, his karma is inching closer with each passing episode.

Culver Chooses Jaimee


In a replay of Season 1, where Culver made out with the charter guest while flirting with Brittini, Culver’s affections once again became divided when Jaimee joined the yacht. Leaving Tzarina somewhat behind, Culver kissed Jaimee, leaving the Chef frustrated. Not wanting to give Tzarina completely up, however, Culver could still be seen flirting with her in the galley.

Once again, history is repeating itself, as Culver wants to have his cake and eat it too. Never fear though, Culver’s karma has finally arrived on deck.

Jaimee Takes a Play From Culver’s Handbook

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Enter in Luka. A gorgeous man who doesn’t play games with others hearts, and who also appears to be smitten with Jaimee. Knowing that Luka could potentially take his main woman, Culver decided to lock her down, only then asking Jaimee to be his girlfriend.

In a fun twist for everyone who is over Culver’s shtick(s), Jaimee appears to be joining us all, also weary of her new beau. When he refused to pay the bill on his designated night, Jaimee had to cover for her man. He then thanked her by joining the guys in the hot tub, instead of joining her in a guest cabin. While he eventually did meet-up with Jaimee, her facial expressions and tones were clear (just not to the ever-blind Culver)…she’s mostly done.

Currently, Jaimee appears to be taking a play from Culver’s handbook of horrible dating choices. Instead of telling Culver that she’s feeling connected to someone else, she has chosen to engage in flirtatious encounters with Luka, all while still dating Culver. Sooner rather than later, I feel like this will all come to a head.

Jaimee’s interest in Luka while still with Culver is truly the role reversal that many have been waiting for. Her torn affections will likely result in nothing but pure, much needed karma for Culver.