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Rumor: Shannon Beador ‘Bitching’ About Alexis Bellino in Bar Before Arrest

Shannon Beador’s self-imposed scandal continues as details leading up to her DUI are coming out. The Real Housewives of Orange County star was arrested over the weekend because she chose to drive drunk.

Aside from the fact she could have killed herself, her dog Archie’s life was also placed in jeopardy as Shan drove around more lit than a firecracker and sideswiped someone’s home. She is extremely lucky her stupid choice didn’t harm an innocent bystander. I guess Uber is too convenient of an option when your brain is allegedly soaked in vodka. Now we find out about Shannon’s supposed tipsy actions before the DUI heard around the Bravoverse.

It’s about Alexis …

According to TMZ, Shannon went out to have drinks, but the drinks had her instead. Sources say Shan was at a bar and apparently complaining about RHOC alum Alexis Bellino.

An insider shared Shannon and business partner Steve Muller were at a place called A Restaurant over in Newport Beach last Saturday evening. The location is approximately half a mile from the house she ran into.

Witnesses say Shannon seemed “tipsy” whilst at the bar, but the beverages she was downing couldn’t be identified. I’m guessing she wasn’t drinking water with three lemons. The source confirmed Shannon was “loud and boisterous” during the evening with her arms “flailing in the air.”

As every RHOC viewer nods in we’ve seen this before, one of the spies said Shannon was whining about Alexis. Fun fact, Alexis happened to be in the restaurant at the same time. And don’t think Alexis being right there prevented Shannon from talking smack about her to patrons in her general area.

Alexis’ gracious response

TMZ contacted Alexis for a comment. “When my girlfriends and I arrived for a fun night out together, it was soon brought to my attention that Shannon was also at the same restaurant,” Alexis began.

“Shannon and I did not interact that night. But it greatly saddens me to learn that she may harbor negative feelings or resentment toward me, as I was not involved in Jim Bellino’s lawsuit against Shannon. From one single mother to another, I wish Shannon nothing but the best. I know she is facing trying times ahead,” Alexis concluded.

Alexis is referring to a lawsuit her ex-Jim had against Shannon and Tamra Judge.

So it seems Alexis must have triggered Shannon in her “vulnerable” state of mind and she probably started yelling at the wall and anyone around her with a pulse. Hours later Shannon would be arrested for the DUI.

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