Lisa Hochstein
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Lisa Hochstein Thinks Ex Lenny Is ‘Trying Very Hard’ to Taunt Her

In the Bravo world of dysfunctional divorces, it’s a tight race for the top spot. Lisa and Dr. Lenny Hochstein of The Real Housewives of Miami are way up there. It started with a despicable hot mic moment from Lenny and hasn’t let up since.

The Hochsteins have hawked accusations against one another left and right. Most recently, the fuss has been over their Star Island mansion and its contents. Lisa finally moved all of the way out and into her own condo, and Lenny’s new fiancée Katharina Mazepa moved right in. The fighting continues, and Lisa now says Lenny is trying to taunt her on Instagram.

Lenny posted pics of him and the kids in the mansion

Lisa said Lenny had only been an occasional Instagram poster, but about a week after Lisa moved out, Lenny posted a snap of himself with their kids Logan and Elle making pizza in the kitchen of the now Lisa-less mansion. He made sure to tag the location as “Star Island Homes” and mention “master chef” Katharina.

Lisa thinks Lenny was being spiteful

Lenny’s post ended up on the @allabouttrh Instagram account, where Lisa made it clear that she thinks the post was Lenny’s pointed way of trying to get under her skin. She had A LOT to say in the comment section, which the account @byewighellodrama then reposted.

Basically, Lisa thinks Lenny the boob god is a boob fraud and only posted the pictures to spite her and play mind games. She also threw in some jabs about Katharina and questioned the couple’s empathy and compassion. She ended by swatting at Lenny’s claim that she cleared their house of possessions when she moved out.

Lenny said it’s ‘painful’ for Lisa to see him happy

As seen in other screen grabs in the @byewighellodrama carousel, classy gentleman Lenny took to the comments to call one of his haters an “asshole” for implying he kicked his kids out with Lisa.

He also slapped at someone who observed that the house didn’t look like Lisa emptied it, writing “You may not be aware of this, but it’s possible to go out and buy things that had to be replaced.”

And never one to avoid an opportunity to defend his own happiness or shade Lisa, Lenny also responded to a commenter who said this must be painful for Lisa. He quipped, “You’re right. Seeing me happy has always been painful for Lisa,” which he surely thought was a sick burn.

Even though both Lisa and Lenny have been publicly messy with this divorce, Lenny’s the one who cheated on Lisa and exposed his plan to be “single soon” for all the world to see on RHOM. You’d think he’d try to soften his public image as to not disrupt his never-ending supply of boob patients. However, it looks like he’s only ramping up his bad behavior. Their poor kids are the ones who will suffer the most.

RHOM is rumored to return to Bravo in late 2023.