Why Brynn Whitfield’s Constant Flirting Is Getting Old

Brynn Whitfield
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With a tagline like, “I love to laugh, but make me mad, and I’ll date your dad,” Real Housewives of New York City fans knew Brynn Whitfield was going to be the black widow of the show, yet some are very much annoyed by her constant flirting. Firstly, don’t hate the player, hate the game, and second, why does Brynn’s sexuality bother so many fans? Brynn is most likely seen as a threat because she isn’t an 80-year-old grandmother making these jokes; she is a vivacious beauty willing to push the line. 

For the most part, Brynn has had mixed reviews when it comes to her premiere season. The socialite is bubbly and not afraid to stir the pot. For many, she’s a harmless vixen who wants her beauty to be embraced as if she is a reincarnation of Aphrodite. But for others, she is a calculated beauty queen trying to ruin relationships. 

Brynn Jokes About Hooking Up With Husbands

Brynn Whitfield, Ubah Hassan, Jessel Taank
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There is no denying that Brynn has a great sense of humor as she often times a quip perfectly. However, she doesn’t always use it for the power of good. A recent episode showed Brynn talking to Erin Lichy‘s husband, “Abe the Babe,” in a very disrespectful way. Viewers were flabbergasted when Brynn loudly joked about hooking up with Erin’s husband at their vow renewal party. The humor was dark and also cringey. Brynn even mentioned multiple times she would be available if the couple decided to divorce. 

The move weirded out fans who felt Brynn was overcompensating for her lack of partnership in the worst way. The comments also didn’t need to be said. Brynn literally had her choice of single men at that party, yet she wasn’t filmed interacting with any of them. And while that sort of behavior is easy to laugh off when she does it to a random man, it is harder to ignore the red flags when she does it to a close friend.

It definitely didn’t help that Brynn also joked about hooking up with Erin’s father during the same party. Sometimes, Brynn acts like a cat in heat when all she really needs is a cold shower. 

Brynn, the Sex Kitten

Brynn Whitfield
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You know, if a Real Housewives husband was flirting as hard as Brynn, they’d be called out for making the woman feel uncomfortable. Brynn’s constant flirting with husbands, chefs, waiters, and old boyfriends is causing her to lose points with fans who are tired of her Catwoman-like prowess.

It has become apparent that Brynn thinks everything she does is cute when it isn’t. Brynn may need to take a lesson from He’s Just Not That Into You instead of forcing her advances. 

At Times Brynn Seems Manufactured

Real Housewives of New York
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It is commendable that Brynn opened up about her rough childhood. However, many feel she uses her hard upbringing in hopes that we look past her transgressions when it comes to flirting. RHONY fans will hold her feet to the fire, noting her insults and pointy words feel very much like the Singer Stinger. More often than not, it feels like we are watching a chess game with Brynn. She may be flirting to compensate for her insecurities when she is around the wealthy elite. 

The fact is Brynn’s constant need for attention isn’t coming off as cute as she thinks it is. The New Yorker’s come-hither face is working overtime in her confessionals, and the shock value has worn off for most. Brynn gives the ultimate pick-me-girl energy. The sad thing is most followers feel Brynn would be picked if she just put her walls down and stopped with the cute voice and improper passes.

In reality, many who don’t like Brynn may simply be jealous of her. She’s probably very used to that sort of reaction. Even if Brynn can’t stop flirting, at least do what every other self-respecting New Yorker does—get on the dating apps and swipe away!