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Teresa Giudice Reacts to Shannon Beador’s DUI Arrest

When someone in the Bravoverse slips up big time, you know people are going to talk about it. Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador was nabbed for a hit-and-run DUI two weeks ago and the streets have been chattering.

Approximately five minutes after Shan’s news went public, Tamra Judge hopped on her podcast to discuss it. Most folks are basically condemning Shannon for making a stupid decision and wishing her the best. Now Real Housewives of New Jersey OG Teresa Giudice weighs in on the matter.

“Shit happens”

Tre is taking a more laid-back approach to Shannon’s run-in with some concrete and bushes while intoxicated. This kind of tracks as her ex-husband, Joe Giudice received his fair share of DUIs in his time.

On an episode of Namaste B$tches, Tre shared her thoughts on Shan’s situation. In an effort to save you from listening to the entire podcast (you’re welcome), I’m able to share that Teresa’s co-host Melissa Pfeister was very deterred by the fact that Shannon drove drunk.

As for Tre, she “feels bad” for Shannon and isn’t judging her for drinking and driving. She also believes this will be “a learning lesson” for Shannon going forward. “It’s very sad, it’s sad but she’ll be fine. [Shannon] just has to work on herself and make sure it doesn’t happen again … We’re human, shit happens,” Tre said.

Shannon will have to mention it all …

With all due respect to the legend, the icon, the former felon Tre, I would probably back off on the “shit happens” portion of her non-judgement. People are regularly killed by those driving under the influence and it’s a big deal.

Despite the arrest and obvious issues with alcohol, Teresa doesn’t think Shannon’s slip-up will impact her status on RHOC. But she says Shan will probably have to address the matter on camera. “I’m sure she’ll have to address it, but it’s not like, ‘Oh my god,’ Yeah, I mean, that’s what you do, it’s a reality TV show, you talk about what’s going on in your life, so I’m sure if she doesn’t want to talk about it, I’m sure somebody else will bring it up,” Tre added.

While in the past, Bravo might have let Shannon’s DUI slide, apparently there are new regulations in place so you never know. Exhibit A: Tre’s co-stars being suspended from filming because Jennifer Aydin’s head was allegedly introduced to beverageware.

The destiny of it all

Melissa (the podcast host, not the evil sister-in-law) interjected about the dangers of choosing to drive whilst impaired and mentioned she knew children killed by drunk drivers. Tre’s reply was … interesting. “Listen, nobody wants to kill anybody but I always feel the way it’s supposed to happen in life it’s supposed to happen. Like, we all have a destiny in life and whatever is supposed to happen is going to happen.”

I’m not exactly sure that’s the hot take Tre thinks it is. With that theory, I guess it was destiny that made Tre and Juicy Joe choose crime over their kids. That tricky destiny also made Teresa and her ex do time. I suppose we can also blame destiny for Luis Ruelas wearing his deceased father-in-law’s clothes. But I’m not sure replying to someone talking about death and DUIs with “we all have a destiny in life” was the correct approach.

Anyway, at least Teresa isn’t holding Shannon to the fire like the rest of the world. She remains our non-judgemental queen unless the judgment has to do with members of her immediate family. And certain co-stars. But mostly completely non-judgemental.