Overrated Below Deck Crew Members Who Kinda Suck at Their Jobs

Captain Glenn Shephard Below Deck Sailing Yacht

When it comes to the Below Deck franchise, crew members can gain popularity for a wide array of reasons. Many fan favorites on the series are beloved not only for their personalities, but also for their hard work on and off screen. Whatever their position on the yacht may be, these crew members simply never fail to bring it.

With that being said, there are also many fan favorites across the franchise that are not that great at what they do. These overrated Below Deck crew members mainly received attention for their standout personalities. However, when it came to their actual position on the yacht, they were not the most valuable assets.

These four current and former Below Deck cast members fall into that category, as they quickly rose to popularity, but not because of hard work.

Captain Glenn Shephard – Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Fred Jagueneau/Bravo

Captain Glenn Shephard has led the Below Deck Sailing Yacht team for four seasons now, although he is not the best at his job. Captain Glenn received praise from fans for not micromanaging his team, like some of the other Below Deck captains are infamous for doing. However, Captain Glenn’s approach to yachting has ultimately caused more harm than good.

One of Captain Glenn’s worst moments onboard was when he hit a dock, greatly damaging the yacht. While things like this are bound to happen in the yachting industry, Captain Glenn could have still paid better attention. Furthermore, Captain Glenn is just a little too laid back, and does not take the initiative to really monitor the interior and exterior teams.

Hannah Ferrier – Below Deck Mediterranean

Hannah Ferrier
Charles Sykes/Getty Images

Hannah Ferrier served as the Chief Stew on Below Deck Mediterranean for five seasons, where she quickly became a fan favorite. Many viewers also appreciated that Hannah was willing to stand up to the controversial Captain Sandy Yawn. However, when it came to her role as Chief Stew, Hannah ended up falling short.

Hannah was not a good role model to the rest of the interior team, and often bullied the other Stews, which was completely unacceptable. Furthermore, Hannah had a habit of being hypocritical at times. For instance, Hannah would micromanage her team, but would then hang out with the charter guests and neglect her own duties.

Culver Bradbury – Below Deck Down Under

Below Deck Down Under recap
Mark Rogers/Getty Images

Culver Bradbury quickly rose to fame on Below Deck Down Under Season 1, but Season 2 showed that he is not the best Deckhand. There is no doubt that Culver is one of the more entertaining crew members on Below Deck Down Under, especially after his gig as Chief Entertainment Officer! Unfortunately for Culver, this is not his main job on the yacht.

When it comes to the exterior team, Culver does not have much to contribute. Culver’s fellow crew members have even told Captain Jason Chambers that Culver performs below average for a Deckhand. It is evident that Culver’s main priorities are partying and socializing, and that being a Deckhand is not important to him at all, making him one of the most overrated Below Deck crew members.

Mathew Shea – Below Deck Mediterranean


Chef Mathew Shea divided some fans on Below Deck Mediterranean, but he did rise to popularity in the franchise rather quickly. Many viewers found Mathew to be captivating and liked him for his easygoing personality. Despite being a nice guy, unfortunately, Mathew was a disaster in the kitchen.

Mathew messed up meals for the charter guests on numerous occasions. On one occasion, he fed a guest beets, after she specified on her preference sheet that does not like them. In addition to that, Mathew was not a great team player and often failed to step up to the plate. One instance of this was when he falsely claimed that he was sick, just to get out of cooking for the guests.

When it comes to Below Deck charters, having a likable personality is not enough to make you a good crew member. In addition to being a friendly person, it is important to have a near flawless work ethic, as well as a good attitude with your fellow team members!