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Tamra Judge Calls Heather Dubrow ‘Worst Villain’ in RHOC Season 17 Finale

Does someone need to check on Tamra Judge? Was she watching the same Real Housewives of Orange County as the rest of us? She finally returned to the show in Season 17 and did a lot of drinking and a lot of yelling.

Actually, most of the cast was yelling at either Heather Dubrow or Jennifer Pedranti during the majority of the episodes. At one point Heather was even chided by the ladies for, you know, giving them a gift. The audacity!

While Tamra spent her time bouncing between attacking her good friends Jennifer and Heather, she revealed who the “worst villain” of the season was during the finale. People has the scoop.

The hypocrisy of it all

In a sneak peek of the last episode before the reunion, Tammy Sue and Heather have their final showdown. In the video, Heather attempts to open the lines of communication with Emily Simpson after Em bashed her repeatedly. Now, if Heather didn’t do this, she would be seen as heartless and uncaring – but trying to reconcile with Emily, it’s a direct hit to Tammy Sue’s fragile ego.

Heather says to Emily, “I love you, I love your family. I was closest with you and I felt left high and dry.” “I don’t understand why but let’s just f—ing fix it then, I will do my best, I promise. If I get offended by something, I will tell you,” she added.

While this was going on Tamra spots the convo and immediately goes on the defense. Back in my day, we called this projecting. Tammy Sue told Shannon Beador, “I’m boiling right now.” In a confessional, Tamra said, “Heather is rallying the troops. She was trying to take each girl side by side and talk s— about me.” These are also called “conversations” to some people not completely paranoid about what they’ve done.

Then Tamra approaches Heather and goes off. “What are you doing? You got caught in your own s— and now you’re trying to turn everybody against me? Heather acts innocent and proper, but behind the scenes, she’s the worst villain of us all.” Bless Tamra’s heart, she’s so transparent you can almost see the blood running through her veins.

Because people are being nice to Heather and Tammy Sue doesn’t have immediate control over the situation, she approaches Heather, Emily, and Gina Kirschenheiter, who has now dared to be polite to Heather the Worst Villain Ever. “Oh my god, you’re taking pictures with her? That’s so different from what you told me,” Tamra said.

Heather isn’t playing Tammy Sue’s game

Heather walks away because, well, you probably would too. This is a good time for Emily the Follower to once again speak poorly about Heather because Tamra has arrived. She told Tamra, “She said you were talking s— about us.” Okay, well she talks about everyone, so that is no reason to call CNN. Em also told Tamra that Heather revealed Tamra doesn’t think she’s a real lawyer but does think she’s a shitty party planner.

Now Tamra is incensed and runs off to find Heather the Worst Villain Ever. Unfortunately for Tamra, Heather isn’t giving her what she wants but Tammy Sue keeps trying to stir the pot. “Are you f—ing kidding me,” Tamra asks Heather.

But Fancy Pants is not engaging, which basically pisses Tamra off even more. “Oh, why aren’t you? Because the truth is the truth,” Tamra asks. Heather advises Tamra she has her “own version of the truth” and isn’t willing to entertain Tamra’s desire for histrionics. “No, Tamra. You have your own version of the truth and I’m not interested in it. Honestly,” Heather responded.

Then Tammy Sue says Heather doesn’t like the “truth” but Heather, after having four children, knows how to handle a temper tantrum. Heather replies she is “fine with the truth” but not how Tamra spins every word out of her mouth.

At this point, Heather dismisses Tamra and goes back to thinking about her millions while Tamra retreats in an unfortunate costume.

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 17 finale airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.