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Craig Conover Says Austen Kroll Slept With His Exes

It seems like Craig Conover might have morphed into a pretty decent person during Southern Charm’s break between seasons. The show finally returned and Craig could be the only one not involved in a complete mess.

When we last saw the Southern squad, Taylor Ann Green was pining over her break-up with Shep Rose. Austen Kroll was busy being Austen and by that I mean he may or may not have been keeping himself occupied by sniffing around Shep’s ex Taylor.

Now Craig reveals Austen breaking bro-code is basically how he rolls. He explained on the most recent episode of Season 9.

Austen’s penchant for exes

Austen is very familiar to the Bravo audience because he drags his lessons in love across several shows. We’ve seen him date on Southern Charm, Summer House, and Winter House. While Austen seems to get the girl, he never seems to hang on to the girl.

This season’s big controversy is Austen hooking up with Taylor. But it’s probably less about Austen’s animal magnetism and more about Taylor’s slight obsession with angering Shep. That said, according to Craig, Austen has never shied away from hooking up with his friends’ former flames.

He told Shep, “I know multiple girls that I used to date that he went and slept with after.” This is probably very accurate but at the risk of sounding like I’m defending Austen, Charleston isn’t a terribly large city. Craig added, “I found out years later.”

Remember Chelsea?

But Shep is used to Austen’s moves. He’s been there and done that already and brought up the ghost of Chelsea Meissner. “Remember Chelsea? She and I were hanging out and I left for that weekend, and he moved right in,” Shep shared. Despite Austen’s wiley ways with women, it’s not like Shep has been an angel.

Yes Austen and Chelsea did have a brief romance but she did give Shep a shot and he blew it. We know this because it was documented on camera, so Shep can’t act like a butthurt Prince Charming over it.

Craig cut to the chase and said, “[Austen’s] word doesn’t mean much when it comes to, like, hooking up with girls.” Tell us Craig, whose word does mean much in that group?

In Shep’s confessional, he continued, “There’s a history of Austen wanting what I have. Sometimes it feels personal. It’s almost like toys in a sandbox. [Austen says], ‘I want the toy you have.’ [And I say], ‘Well there’s three toys,’ [and he replies], ‘No, yours!’”

And there you have it, from Dr. Shep himself, it’s just a case of Austen being jealous of Shep’s life. Stay tuned for more relationship analysis and catch Southern Charm on Bravo Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.