Lisa Barlow’s Drag Makeup Meltdown Wasn’t Glam

Lisa Barlow Real Housewives of Salt Lake City RHOSLC

Without a doubt, Lisa Barlow is one of my favorite cast members on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, and it is fair to say she had a rough weekend trip to Palm Springs. She lost her $60K diamond ring in a public toilet and was forced to wear a bathing suit to a five-star restaurant after a failed trust exercise. It is safe to say Meredith Marks won’t be in the Vida Tequila owner’s good books for a while. 

Sadly, Lisa has very few allies on the show, and her reaction shows she is tired of being embarrassed. Lisa wanting control of her face shouldn’t be a big deal. However, it ended up being one due to the persona Lisa has made for herself and her ego.

In my opinion, forcing someone to dress up is passive-aggressive and a completely opposite effect of what the bonding experience was supposed to do. After Whitney Rose flipped the script announcing a drag makeup contest, Lisa lost her plot. We can’t say we blame her, but the outburst wasn’t very baby-gorgeous of her. 

Drag Night From Hell


Personally, I felt a lot of sympathy for Lisa after the producers shared an up-close shot from her hotel room. The moment was a quick flashback while she was sitting, finally having her makeup done. However, the cameras focused in on the texture of her skin. During the show, she shared that she paid extra for her glam to travel out to Palm Springs, as she has her glam done daily. The comment makes sense, especially if she is insecure about her skin

However, Lisa Barlow’s drag makeup meltdown was over the top, and gave off diva vibes. It was clear at that moment that Lisa was very interested in controlling her image. If you look back to day one in the hookah skirt, she was a good sport. But flash forward to her makeup meltdown, and she could have given Jen Shah a run for her money. I don’t think this is Lisa’s typical response, but I do believe she was dealing with severe anxiety. 

Why Didn’t Lisa Use Her Glam Squad for Drag?

Presley Ann/Bravo via Getty Images

Many RHOSLC viewers were confused about why Lisa didn’t just use her glam squad for the drag contest. Instead of crying, she could have easily asked the makeup artist to create a one-of-a-kind look for her.

Lisa could have kept her foundation on and just removed her eye makeup without causing such a fuss. As it turns out, she admitted to having Morgan do her makeup anyway, which just turned out to be a boring hot pink eye. 

Lisa’s Beauty Budget Is Out of the World

Lisa Barlow
Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images for Vivint

Again, I’m a big fan of Lisa, but I can’t relate to spending over $60K on her glam squad yearly or losing $60K rings. The mother of two’s whole outburst just made me think that her Taco Bell and Wendy’s budget was $60K, her Diet Coke budget was $60K, and her tanning budget was $60K. It was hard to feel sorry for Lisa with such a lavish lifestyle like that. 

Overall, I felt sorry as I watched Lisa have a full-blown panic attack on RHOSLC. Firstly, the Queen of Sundance is gorgeous, but she clearly hangs on to her makeup artist like a security blanket. Lisa has pointed out more than once in the series that she is aging gracefully and choosing not to use fillers or Botox. This means she probably relies heavily on her glam squad for contouring. 

Lisa is one of the most naturally beautiful Real Housewives to grace the small screen, which is really what made her breakdown and feel so crazy. It could be that Lisa doesn’t see herself the way fans do. With freckles, thick hair, and an attractive face shape, many women are looking up to her and following in her footsteps. In the age of Instagram, it is rare to see a reality TV star without a swollen or frozen face. It is sad that Lisa was hyper-focused on hair and makeup, but that’s probably an unhealthy state of mind for anyone on reality TV.