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Joe Gorga Speaks About Relationship With Teresa Giudice for First Time Since RHONJ Reunion

Allow me to be fully transparent, I don’t care about Teresa Giudice or Melissa Gorga very much. That said, the intense hate between these two women has basically carried Real Housewives of New Jersey since Melissa joined in Season 2.

But the common denominator is Joe Gorga stuck between a couple of passionate ladies who love him very much. And while tons of people on Team Tre hate Joe, if you really love Teresa that much you should want her family to heal.

After a disastrous Season 13 reunion where everything came to a head, Teresa, Joe, and Melissa seemed to agree to stop speaking mutually. They’ve kept that promise despite rumors of a dramaless Season 14 because Melissa and Tre won’t interact. Now Joe speaks on his relationship with his sister for the first time since the reunion, and you know what – it’s sad. The U.S. Sun has the details.

The drama is in the details

Let’s all put down our cheap shots for a second and keep in mind Teresa and Joe are blood. Melissa is Joe’s wife. Things can be difficult in family dynamics, but most of the time they aren’t filmed and judged by an international audience.

Amid filming for the new season and the obvious separation of the cast, Joe and Melissa have filmed with Tre but everyone is staying on their respective sides of the room. Melissa and Teresa “refuse to speak to each other.” Damn, it’s too bad the lure of fame and fortune overrides the really important things in life.

If Melissa has an event, Teresa doesn’t get an invite and Teresa keeps Joe and Melissa off her guest list. She wasn’t even at her brother’s latest birthday festivities over the summer. Of the situation, Joe says, “It’s been a ride. It’s a shame.” It really is a shame and it’s been sad to watch the breakdown of two people who love each other very much.

“It’s the way it is. But what are you going to do,” Joe added. I don’t know – you all leave the show and fix your family? As for filming RHONJ, Joe isn’t doing a lot of that – but he is keeping busy.

For some reason, Joe is venturing out on a comedy tour. Listen, whatever works in these trying times I guess. But don’t worry, Teresa won’t be fodder for his material on stage. “No, I do very little housewife stuff. Just enough for the show and that’s it,” he explained.

Joe’s first show will be at Catch A Rising Star on October 14. He hopes to tour Chicago, Ireland, Canada, England, and maybe Dubai. I’m not sure if Dubai is ready for Joe, however.


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