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Kim Zolciak and Chet Hanks Rumored Flirty Fun During Surreal Life Filming

Well if this isn’t a match made in cringe heaven. Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Kim Zolciak probably has a lower available checking balance than anyone reading this article. That said, a lack of money isn’t keeping Kim from being insufferable.

Amid a nasty divorce from Kroy Biermann and being completely out of cash, Kim had to bite the bullet and get a job. For a few weeks in September, Kim packed her wigs and headed to Colombia to film The Surreal Life. But when she came back, she had a brand-new friendship with a movie star’s son. Unfortunately, that son is Chet Hanks.

It truly is surreal …

Wow, what to do when these two creative music icons are placed under the same roof? I’m shocked the country of Colombia was able to contain the sheer force of the chemistry between Kim and Tom Hanks’ son. Allegedly.

According to TMZ, Kimbo and co-star Chet really hit it off while filming The Surreal Life. Insiders say the two were acting “flirty” during production of the MTV show. Oh, this must really warm Tom Hanks’ heart.

If you don’t know, Chet is the son of Tom. Among other things, he’s basically known for being a douche. He’s had some roles in the acting world, no doubt thanks to his father than any discernable talent in the performing arts. Chet has also struggled with a “rap” career and used to perform under the name of Chet Haze. No word on whether or not Chet has introduced Kim to the stylings of Patois, thereby putting iTunes on notice for the next big hit.

Wonder what Kroy thinks

Apparently, Chet and Kimbo really got along and if you think about it, this completely tracks. Sources are also speculating the two “caught feelings” for each other whilst ensconced in The Surreal Life house. They were only there for two weeks but you know Kim has to work fast because she’s basically living in a foreclosed house.

As far as whether or not Kim and Chet are staying in touch, no one currently knows. But if Kim starts watching Malibu’s Most Wanted on a loop, it will be a good sign she’s hooked on Hanks.

If Chet has either working brain cell in his head, he will stay far away from this one – and if we consider the source, they will be full-on dating by Christmas.