Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

Tom Sandoval Blames ‘Interest Rates’ for Still Living With Ariana Madix

Neither Tom Sandoval nor Ariana Madix has “dipped out” of the $2 million Valley Village, CA home they bought together. Considering the narcissistic manner in which Tom has conducted himself in the wake of his and Rachel Leviss’ affair being exposed during Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules, it wouldn’t be surprising if his refusal to leave was purely out of spite.

However, Tom just shared that one of the biggest reasons he and Ariana still share the same roof is a bit more pragmatic. Interest rates have skyrocketed since they purchased it back in 2019.

Tom and Ariana still haven’t made any plans to sell the house or move

It’s been six months since the lid was blown off Scandoval, but Tom and Ariana are in no hurry to move out. Tom had Jerry O’Connell as a guest on his podcast, Everybody Loves Tom, and said the reason for their hesitance to sell and move was “because of interest rates right now. That’s part of it.”

CNET says interest rates back in 2019 were around 4% or below for a 30-year mortgage. Now they’re about 7.88%, which means that if Tom and Ariana were to sell, split the profits, and then each try to purchase their own home, they’d be getting way less bang for their buck. This, even though their home has considerably risen in value given the current housing market.

Tom also threw some of the home’s equity into his and Tom Schwartz’s restaurant, Schwartz and Sandy’s. So, that ties up the money even more.

The house is big enough to keep a distance

Tom dived further into his and Ariana’s living arrangements in the 4,500 square foot home. He says it’s been pretty easy to keep their distance.

“We’re on opposite sides of the house. And we’re obviously trying to figure out exactly our next move. Thought we got it figured out. And I kind of like had … you know. But it’s really not that big of a deal in that sense. There’s plenty of room in this house to be on separate sides. Yes, while we’re filming Vanderpump Rules we are obviously not traveling a lot, but before leading up to that, we were both traveling a lot and now afterward we’re both traveling a lot.”

Looks like putting up a sheet to divide rooms in half a la scorned siblings sharing a bedroom won’t be a VPR Season 11 storyline when the show likely returns to Bravo in early 2024.