Why Does Bethenny Frankel Have Beef With Andy Cohen?

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Even though Bethenny Frankel is no longer on the Real Housewives of New York City, she is making her presence known to followers in recent months. Just this week, she went after the King of Bravo, Andy Cohen, during her recent Just B with Bethenny Frankel podcast. Over the years, Andy has done a few things while interviewing the Real Housewives that haven’t sat well with fans.

Andy, no doubt, is a major player when it comes to the drama-filled TV empire. He makes sure to prod all his guests during the reunion, but sometimes it feels that he goes a bit too far and often comes across as a hypocrite. No one has really ever called out his problematic behavior. So how did Bethenny Frankel’s feud with Andy Cohen start, and why is she on a mission to discredit him? 

What Started the Feud?


You might be asking yourself, weren’t Andy and Bethenny thick as thieves? Yeah, I thought that, too, but it turns out there has always been a bit of an ice wall between the two. Bethenny last appeared on RHONY in 2019 and since has only made a few appearances on Watch What Happens Live. The pair addressed their feud during a 2022 episode in which Andy revealed that he felt like Bethenny was trashing the franchise and calling it “toxic.” 

During the tense, yet somehow lighthearted conversation, Bethenny said, “I actually haven’t been trashing the show; I’ve said it wasn’t for me, ’cause I do think that it was toxic—and I’m entitled to not want to be there but still talk about it.” Bethenny went on to tell the audience, “Well, I wasn’t let go by Bravo; I actually left on my own choice, so that’s a little bit different. I’m not a disgruntled employee.”

Andy and Bethenny Became Famous Together


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According to Bethenny’s TikTok, she and Andy “came up together.” The mother of one shared that Andy was a network executive who became a reunion host. Her video seems to lend to the theory that, at one point, there was a real friendship, and Bethenny noted, “We shared beach walks and secrets.”

Bethenny went on to say that Andy has “always protected the Real Housewives realm,” with the Bravo personality noting she always had opinions about RHONY but didn’t want to say “anything untoward, Andy. But I’ve grown increasingly uncomfortable with things and been put in situations that weren’t safe.” 

Bethenny’s Claims Against Andy

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One thing that Bethenny hasn’t done is try to hold back regarding the people who have wronged her. Bethenny has a long history with the executive producer and is now letting the skeletons out of the closet. While speaking with NeNe Leakes, Bethenny revealed that while it seemed like she was a favorite of Andy’s in the public eye, that was far from the truth. While on the podcast, B shared, “He’s at the top, and he is moving everybody around on the board.”

The 52-year-old recalled a moment saying, “I remember one year, I was off the Housewives, and I went to his house for his Christmas party, and there were all these famous people there, and I felt special. And then, you know, I’m sitting next to him at this reunion, and now I feel special. And it reminds me of you with your parents … we all want his approval, we all want to be the favorite. We want to be able to say, ‘I’ve been on that show the most.’ It’s like a calling card. There’s a psychology that goes on with this group and this show; It’s tricky.”

Bethenny has also noted that Andy’s interview questions are “problematic” and said she felt like Andy was “always protected,” while guests on the show get “fu*king skinned alive.” This new outpour of information comes during Bethenny’s reality TV reckoning. The entrepreneur hopes to form a union for those in the industry, but she hasn’t had much luck yet.