Andy Cohen’s Favorite Real Housewives

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Andy Cohen is the Executive Producer for the Real Housewives series. Therefore, he is close with many of the ladies who star on the franchise. For these favored cast members, longevitiy on their series is typically seen. In addition, Andy’s beloved Real Housewives often appear multiple times on his late night show, Watch What Happens Live.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Andy spilled the beans on who his top three Real Housewives were, explaining that “it’s an unusual dynamic. The ones that I’ve been with the longest are the ones that I have the deepest relationships with…It’s wild to me, the amount of time that I’ve known Luann de Lesseps, Teresa Giudice and Kandi Burruss. Those are people that I consider colleagues. I have great respect for them—but yes, there is that odd relationship.”

In addition to these three, there are still others whom Andy has shown a deep connection towards. Though he hasn’t come out and given exact names, signs on who these women are have been seen. These are the women whom we believe are Andy Cohen’s favorite Real Housewives.

Luann de Lesseps

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Luann de Lesseps starred on Real Housewives of New York for 13 seasons. During her time on-air, her struggles with alcohol made headlines, even resulting in an arrest. Shortly after a relapse incident that saw her getting kicked out of a piano bar, Andy invited Luann to Watch What Happens Live, giving the star a platform to own her behavior.

Further showing care for his long-standing colleague, Andy traveled to Luann’s Sag Harbor home during her split from Tom D’Agostino. Here, Andy filmed himself asking the hard questions, but his affection for Luann was clear. It’s therefore safe to say that Luann is indeed one of Andy’s favorite Real Housewives.

Teresa Giudice

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Teresa Giudice is an OG on Real Housewives of New Jersey. Starring on all 13 seasons thus far, viewers have watched as Teresa’s world has completely changed. From a divorce, remarriage, the loss of parents, and even a stay in prison, Teresa’s life has seen… a lot. Through it all, Andy has continued to give Teresa one-on-one space to speak. even pausing filming during her time away.

As for Teresa’s on-air antics, Andy has stated that her table flip was “iconic.” He has even joked that Teresa pushing him at the Season 2 reunion made him famous. It is clear that Andy has a soft spot for Teresa, making her one of his favorites amongst the Real Housewives. However, the Season 13 reunion saw Andy loosing his patience multiple times, so her spot at the top is teetering.

Kandi Burruss


Kandi Burruss joined the cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta in Season 2. However, as a former member of Xscape and the songwriter of “No Scrubs” by TLC,  Kandi was already a star. She is also the longest-running Housewife on her series, showing that Andy is clearly a fan.

The feeling is mutual, as Kandi was seen performing a “D Challenge” for the host at the Season 10 reunion. Andy has since stated that “Kandi is the most entrepreneurial person” in the franchise, as “she never stops thinking of new ideas.” We think that it’s beyond safe to say that Kandi is one of Andy’s favorites among the Real Housewives.

Kyle Richards

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Kyle Richards is an original cast member on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She has since starred in all 12 seasons, with her reapparance on Season 13 arriving soon. Kyle has also made multiple appearances on Watch What Happens Live, including a special one-on-one episode. Throughout her time on-air, Kyle’s edits tend to stay positive, pointing towards her being a favored cast member.

As for Andy’s take, he once stated, “I would say the housewife that gives the best gifts is Kyle Richards. She just, she overdoes it, as you can imagine.” From attending Andy’s baby shower to sending gifts over various holidays, Kyle’s close friendship with Andy is clear. She is definitely one of his favorite Real Housewives.

Vicki Gunvalson

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Sonja Morgan once flipped the tables on Andy, interviewing him on his own platform. Here, she asked him who his favorite Real Housewife was. After laughing and stressing that he cannot really answer this question, he did give one small crumb away by naming Vicki Gunvalson.

“I will say this, one of my favorites is Vicky, because she was the first one and so, you’ll always have a special connection to your first,” Andy expressed. To explain, Vicki starred on the very first series, the Real Housewives of Orange County. Here, Vicky held an orange from Seasons 1-14, and has since returned for Season 17. Despite some of Vicky’s messy storylines, the late night host said it himself—Vicky is one of Andy’s favorite Real Housewives.