Kyle Richards, Teddi Mellencamp
(Photo by Ella Hovsepian/Getty Images)

Teddi Mellencamp ‘Scared’ as She Starts New Cancer Treatment

Teddi Mellencamp can be credited for using her platform for melanoma awareness. The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has been battling skin cancer since March 2022, with varying degrees of success and setbacks. But she always shows up for her followers with a positive attitude. She’s all about transparency and the need for checkups.

Earlier this month, Teddi informed followers that another melanoma was confirmed. She said that “not all the margins are clear after my last wide excision surgery.” Because of this information, doctors decided to take a different approach regarding Teddi’s treatment plan.

Now, with decisions in place, the former RHOBH star has started a specialized immunotherapy cream treatment to battle the melanoma. She shared an Instagram post for followers to update them on how it’s all going.

Teddi credits her “loving support system”

Teddi started the treatment recently, and posted about it in a recent Instagram video. She wrote, “I was given the option of doing surgery and having my entire right shoulder skin removed and replaced with a skin graft or using this immunotherapy cream. My margins weren’t clear after my last surgery so this is what makes most sense.”

The Two T’s In A Pod podcast co-host wanted to push the timeline, so she opted for an aggressive approach.

“I chose the cream to start, my doctor recommended I do it in 3 sections because of the potential side effects,” she continued. “That’s not my style, that would have taken over 3 months. I want to beat this thing like yesterday so we are treating the entire area now for the next 5 weeks.”

While less invasive, the cream is not without side effects. Teddi described what’s she been dealing with physically and mentally.

“I am scared, I am sad but I am a fighter and have the most loving support system and for that, I am so very grateful. I will do my best to keep you all posted as the medication starts working and the changes I am feeling. As of now, I am just tired, anxious, and have headaches but this too shall pass,” she explained.

In the video, Teddi is lying on her stomach with her back exposed. Her elder daughter, Slate, is applying the cream to her mother’s back while wearing medical gloves.

“Nurse Slate, always to the rescue,” Teddi praised her daughter in the video.