RHONY Season 14 Housewives Who Have Done a 180 Since the Premiere

Real Housewives of New York RHONY cast
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When the rebooted Season 14 of Real Housewives of New York City finally premiered, there was cautious optimism. This group was younger and more diverse than the previous cast. Viewers were curious to see what they brought to the Bravo table. RHONY fans quickly formed impressions of the new cast members. Some of the RHONY Season 14 housewives were disliked from the jump, while others were quickly embraced.

But as the season rolled on, some of the ladies underwent a shocking reversal of fortune. Here are the Season 14 housewives who have done a complete 180 since the premiere.

Jenna Lyons

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Jenna Lyons is the former president of J. Crew. She is a fashion icon, and she has the closet to prove it. Most RHONY fans expected Jenna to be aloof and tough. Instead, Jenna showed that she was quirky, witty, and caring. She also showed her dislike for dill and flying coach.

As the season went on, Jenna grew more comfortable with the group and began to be vulnerable. She shared her insecurities resulting from her medical diagnosis of incontinentia pigment, which is also known as Bloch-Sulzberger syndrome.

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke reported that this condition causes scars on the skin, as well as hair loss and issues with teeth. As a result, Jenna went to Anguilla ahead of the group to tan so she would feel more comfortable with the ladies.

While Jenna kept her love life under wraps, she slowly began to open up to her co-stars. She is easily the MVP of RHONY Season 14.

Jessel Taank

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During the first few episodes of RHONY Season 14, fashion publicist Jessel Taank seemed condescending and bossy. She complained about the cleanliness of her house to her mother and husband, Pavit Randhawa.

She even told co-star Erin Lichy that Tribeca was “up and coming.” As a proud Tribeca resident, Erin wasn’t pleased.

Jessel shared that she and her husband, Pavit, hadn’t been intimate for 18 months. Once this intel was revealed, it was all the ladies could talk about. Jessel was hounded about it mercilessly, even after Pavit scheduled a staycation so they could have some romantic time away from their twin sons.

Erin and Sai De Silva also quizzed Pavit and Jessel about his upcoming 24-hour trip to Vietnam to get mileage points and relax. Sai and Erin (and their husbands) had suspicious minds. But Jessel was unbothered.

Whatever Jessel said was dissected and scrutinized, especially by Erin and Sai. Sai was furious whenever Jessel compared her humble beginnings to Sai’s story of poverty and hardship. Sai missed that Jessel was just trying to connect. And Erin called her “a princess.”

But when Jessel invited Sai to lunch so that they could bury the hatchet, it went left. Sai, who was 20 minutes late, scolded Jessel for being 40 minutes late with no call. Ladies, I believe that you both have phones. When Jessel apologized and tried to connect by relating a story about how her uncle died from alcoholism, like Sai’s mother, the lunch was over. Sai was done.

Fans started supporting Jessel as soon as her marriage and life story became fodder for her co-stars. And just like that, a RHONY villain turned into a princess.

Sai De Silva

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In the beginning, Brooklyn-born Sai seemed hip, confident, and interesting. But as the series rolled on, she seemed blunt and straight-up rude.

She left Erin and her husband Abe Lichy’s vow renewal to get some food. And didn’t even say goodbye! You don’t want a hangry Sai.

She also had problems with Jessel’s story about her background. Sai accused Jessel of lying numerous times. I think it was more of a miscommunication. But Sai’s obsession with Jessel and Pavit’s marriage was a bit much.

After Jessel called Sai a “mean girl,” the influencer refuted that label. “I’m definitely not a mean girl. I think that there should not be any confusion to being honest,” Sai told Entertainment Tonight.

Well, Ubah Hassan also has a bone to pick with Sai. She confided in Sai that she had a secret boyfriend. After pinkie-swearing to keep the secret, Sai accidentally told Erin. And then, Erin and Sai told Brynn Whitfield. At Brynn’s birthday party, the birthday girl drunkenly asked Ubah about her new man. Ubah knew Sai spilled the tea. To defend herself, Sai claimed that she told Brynn off-camera.

But Brynn maintained that Sai had already said it on camera. Sai and Brynn’s friendship tanked after that. And Sai certainly earned her label as an icy-cold truth-teller. But that was a complete 180 from her introduction.

Erin Lichy

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During the RHONY Season 14 premiere, Erin was shown with her extended family, enjoying a meal and spending time together. She seemed down-to-earth and relatable.

However, she later exhibited an inability to let anything go. Erin had issues with all of her co-stars. And she was the common denominator in all the squabbles. Petty is Erin’s jam.

Erin was angry that some of the ladies were talking during her vow renewal. And she told all her co-stars that Jenna didn’t fly to Anguilla with them because she didn’t want to fly coach. So, poor Jenna walked into a hornet’s nest when she arrived.

Both Sai and Erin enjoyed theorizing about Jessel and Pavit’s marriage. Maybe Erin should be keeping an eye on her husband. In my opinion, Abe the Babe has some waving red flags.

If there was a pot-stirring villain this season, the award must go to Erin. She created drama from every mundane crumb of cheese that she could find. And it wasn’t a good look.