The Caroline Manzo and Brandi Glanville Controversy Explained

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Caroline Manzo and Brandi Glanville taped Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip at the start of this year. If you haven’t heard by now, it was disastrous. Both of these women left Morocco early. Caroline left on her own accord, but it was production who sent Brandi packing.

If you’ve missed any of the reasons given as to why these ladies found themselves in such a mess, we hear you. It’s been a lot. To help catch our readers up, this is everything that we have learned regarding Caroline and Brandi’s controversial filming of RHUGT Season 4.

The Original Allegations – Where It All Began

Brandi Glanville Real Housewives
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Back in January, multiple outlets began reporting on an incident involving Caroline and Brandi. Here, Brandi was accused of kissing Caroline, without the former Real Housewives of New Jersey star’s consent. After a night of drinking and possibly crossed boundaries, the women then went to bed.

When Brandi woke up, she was told that Caroline was uncomfortable. Allegedly, Brandi sent her co-star an apology text. However, production still decided to send Brandi home. It was also reported that Caroline was unaware of Brandi’s early departure, and she decided to exit filming as well, saying she needed “to process this outside of the reality TV environment.”

Peacock and Shed Media Then Released a Statement

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Not long after these reports began rolling in, the network and their hired production company issued a joint statement. Speaking to People, representatives for Peacock and Shed Media stated, “The safety and security of cast and crew while shooting is extremely important and we take all reports seriously. In this situation, production immediately launched a comprehensive review and is taking appropriate action.”

Brandi Followed By Releasing Her Own Statements

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Brandi isn’t afraid of confrontations, as was seen often during her drama-filled years on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. After the network spoke out, Brandi’s social media pages began to fill with heated comments from viewers. Brandi, therefore, hit back.

In her first tweet, viewers were debating whether or not these allegations were true, and if they were false, would Brandi sue. Therefore, Brandi tweeted, “I am not suing ANYONE not #Peacock or Anyone else for that matter.” Brandi was then asked if she was allowed to be discussing this matter. On this, Brandi next penned, “I can speak on anything I want to speak on—it was at the end of an 18 hour Wrk day at our belly dancing party & I’d like to see footage on it before hand as both myself & Caroline were very intoxicated.”

Taking it one step farther, Brandi explained her side in a third tweet, saying “I’m f**king sick of this narrative. I was hired for a 2nd season of girls trip cuz they LOVED what I did on 1st season, I was told to bring the party just like before & that’s exactly what I did & I was punished for it. It feels like a f**king set up. It’s BS & Caroline was fine.”

Finally, Brandi’s final tweet stated “Those are my statements. Yes I’m pissed off. Yes, this is been life f**king ruining and I’m not gonna be responding to anyone commenting.”

But wait, there’s more. Several weeks after this, a source spoke to Page Six, claiming that Brandi had actually placed “her hands on Caroline’s breast area and vaginal area.” To this, Brandi tweeted, “Check your sources people!!!!,” using a poop-faced emoji.

After Remaining Quiet, Caroline Finally Spoke Out

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In March, Caroline appeared on New York Live to help promote her new cooking show. Here, she was asked about these allegations, and she finally broke her silence…sorta. “I can’t say much, only because it’s not good for my headspace, but it took a lot for me to go back on a Housewives show,” she began.

“I was going back with the best of intentions, with the highest of hopes, to do something fun. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for me that way. I came home early. And at this point, I just truly don’t have the space in my head to talk about it. So, I’d rather not but I would imagine it would unfold on the series when it airs and there will be a lot said then,” Caroline ended.

New Claims and The Cast Reactions

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Bravo Babe, a popular Bravo commenter, just joined the mix, sharing further rumors about this event. This user stated that when Caroline arrived to film, she was spouting off some pretty heated accusations about her sister, Dina Cantin. Apparently, Caroline told the women that Dina was a “wh*re” who had cheated on her husband multiple times.

At this, the rumors stated that Brandi inserted herself, and she and Caroline began to fight. However, the ladies made up enough to start “making out” hours later, once intoxicated. After their filmed party, the ladies, for whatever reason, locked themselves into a bathroom. Here, Alex McCord used her foot to block the door, keeping production from entering.

This commenter then claimed that “There was nothing sexual going on in there … a lot of laughter and then someone (presumably Caroline) saying ‘Stop that.’” Production finally entered, however, everyone seemed fine, and all involved went to bed. As for those nearby, Gretchen Rossi and Phaedra Parks both allegedly maintained that “no funny business occurred in the bathroom,” and that Alex wouldn’t have kept the door shut if there was anything bad happening inside.

To note, one of the rumors here also claimed that Caroline was trying to stop the consensual kissing scenes from ever “seeing the light of day.”

Where This Stands Today

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RHUGT Season 4 was supposed to air in the spring, but it has since been put on hold due to these accusations. According to Bravo Babe, the “Lawyers are still hashing it out between Brandi and Caroline.” Bravo’s investigation proved fruitless, as all they have is audio of Caroline saying, “stop that.” All we can do now is wait, and hope that everyone involved finds peace.