Tamra Judge hospitalization, Teddi Mellencamp
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Tamra Judge ‘Much Better’ After Hospitalization, Says Teddi Mellencamp

Tamra Judge was hospitalized earlier this month. No, it wasn’t from popping a forehead vein while yelling at Jennifer Pedranti about her man, Ryan Boyajian on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Tamra had “serious stomach cramping” that some speculated was due to Ozempic use. It turned out to be an intestinal obstruction. Things can get pretty scary if it’s left untreated, and Tamra has said this isn’t the first time she’s had intestinal troubles.

Tamra missed an episode of her and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Teddi Mellencamp’s podcast, Two Ts in a Pod, while she was in the hospital. Teddi recently gave an update on how Tamra’s doing now that she’s home.

Tamra Judge on the mend after hospitalization, says Teddi

Tamra’s back on her pod dishing lukewarm takes while recapping other franchises and critiquing reunion seating charts. If that isn’t any indication that she’s feeling better and back to her old tricks, Teddi gave Us Weekly an update on her friend and co-host. Teddi said Tamra’s feeling better and has been getting back to her routine.

“She’s doing so much better. She was actually at the gym today. She definitely must be feeling good.”

Teddi also added some context to what happened that caused Tamra to seek medical attention. She said Tamra felt “quite sick” while filming The Traitors Season 2 in Scotland last month. Teddi added that Tamra went to the doctor when she got back, and it’s a good thing Tamra sought treatment when she did.

“I’m just so grateful she went into the doctor when she did. So, if you’re feeling something in your body and you’re in pain, most of the time you know you’ve got to trust your instincts and go ahead and go in.”

Is it too soon to make a joke about Tamra’s ass no longer having to be “jealous of the shit that comes out of [her] mouth” since her intestines are now on the up and up?

Tamra’s mouth will surely be at its worst when she competes on Season 2 of The Traitors. It premieres on Peacock sometime in early 2024.