Dorit and PK Kemsley, Kyle Richards
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Kyle Richards Responds to Dorit Kemsley Separation Rumors

Kyle Richards appeared shocked when confronted with rumors of the supposed PK and Dorit Kemsley separation. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle and former castmate Teddi Mellencamp joined Andy Cohen on the latest episode of Watch What Happens Live to talk about her own split, health, and friendship.

On the portion of the program that takes questions from guests, Kyle was asked to talk about rumors that fellow housewife Dorit and her husband PK Kemsley were separated. There was also the suggestion PK was now living in a hotel.

The PK and Dorit Kemsley separation is news to Kyle – or is it?

In the clip, Kyle’s jaw drops before the guest can even finish the question. She quickly turned to Teddi with her mouth and eyes wide open like this was the first time she’d ever heard this rumor. I don’t know how believable that is, but it’s Kyle’s story, and she’s sticking with it.

“I didn’t, I haven’t, I have not seen that,” she stuttered in response, shaking her head. She even clarified, “That came out today? I did not see.”

She even turned to Andy, who didn’t seem shocked by the news at all, and asked, “Did you know that?”

He didn’t deny knowledge of the rumors. Instead, he shrugged and said, “I have heard something about that rumor, but I was wondering if you had heard it before today.” He must have been referring to the rumors that have been swirling around these past several months about a Dorit and PK split.

To which Kyle doubled down and said, “I had not heard that.” And while she seemed sincere for all intents and purposes, the little smirk at the end was a wee bit sus.

Another split on RHOBH

Dorit Kemsley separation rumors abound
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Sadly, Kyle is going through her own separation with Mauricio Umansky. She may have been too busy with her stuff to worry about what is happening in Dorit’s life. 

But if Erika Jayne is to be believed (I know, I laughed when I typed that, too), Dorit and PK may be the next couple to split. And this may also be a part of the new season.

With Kyle and Mauricio on the outs, and potentially Dorit and PK as well, it looks like things will get really messy and unhappy on RHOBH. 

Wonder if they’ll ever address the rumors that said Dorit and Mauricio may have had something? With everything going on, it’s starting to look like it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

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