How Bad Could Things Get for Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann?

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Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann’s divorce has been one of the messiest in Real Housewives history. Between their ballooning debt, constantly calling the cops, and mud-slinging—while still apparently humping like bunnies—the couple are getting into deeper and deeper trouble.

It’s honestly hard to keep up with the insane debt Kim and Kroy have racked up. Let’s see, there’s Kim’s $2,000+ Target card debt, the couple’s $270,000+ home equity debt, and their $1 million+ tax evasion bill. That’s…a lot of debt. Supposedly the couple’s extravagant spending and Kim’s gambling habit are what got them into this mess.

But there’s more than just money and credit scores on the line. There could actually be a number of potential consequences for Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann. So, how much worse can things get for the Real Housewives of Atlanta couple? Possibly a lot.

Social Media Followers Could Dip Out

Kim Zolciak/Instagram

Ok, so losing social media followers may not sound like a biggie, but it is potentially a very biggie. Kim and Kroy don’t have much money coming in right now, so they need to take advantage of every possible revenue stream they can. Instagram sponsorships are many reality TV stars’ bread and butter in terms of income, and being a social media influencer can be extremely lucrative.

However, only influencers with actual influence make the big bucks. If Kim and Kroy continue to make fools of themselves, their follower count will likely start dwindling. Losing followers will limit the amount of money they’re able to make on social media, and that’s not really something they can afford right now.

Plus, even if Kim and Kroy’s follower count remains steady, brands may not want to associate themselves with the couple. Kim and Kroy’s toxic behavior could drive away potential business partners, and that’s the last thing they need right now.

Kim and Kroy Could Lose Their Kids

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As their divorce proceedings continue, it seems that both Kim and Kroy are angling for full custody of their four children. In their efforts to gain custody, Kim and Kroy have thrown some nasty accusations at each other. Kim petitioned the court to have Kroy drug tested, claiming he smokes marijuana around the kids. Kroy, on the other hand, has accused Kim of having a gambling addiction and an inability to stop spending.

Unfortunately, the couple’s excessive mud-slinging could blow up in their faces. The court could potentially decide that neither of them are fit parents right now. It’s possible that Child Protective Services will be the one to gain custody. Hopefully if it comes to that, there is another family member who could be appointed as the kids’ guardian.

It’s a grim prospect, but the chances of it happening aren’t very high. However, with Kim and Kroy’s debt mounting and their increasingly toxic behavior, it’s not out of the question. I can only hope that of all the potential consequences for Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann, this one won’t come true, for the children’s sake.  

There Could Be Prison Time

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Generally speaking, debt, no matter how high, won’t send you to prison. However, there are two factors about Kim and Kroy’s debt that could warrant an exception.

Currently, Kim and Kroy have defaulted on their $300K home equity loan, and the bank is looking to collect. The couple were served papers on August 16, 2023 with a notice to appear in court. But Kim and Kroy missed their September 15 response deadline. According to Lending Tree, this failure to respond to the summons could place them in contempt of court. Contempt of court can lead to criminal proceedings and an arrest warrant. 

But that’s just the couple’s civil debt. Remember, they’re also in the hole to the IRS by over $1 million due to not paying their taxes. According to H&R Block, the Feds don’t often send taxpayers (or rather, non-taxpayers) to prison. The primary thing that pings the IRS’ interest is misreporting or concealing income and assets.

It’s unclear just how bad Kim and Kroy’s tax situation is. Did the couple simply not pay, or did they actively try to hide income or assets that they could have used to pay their taxes? Because they’re high-profile public figures, the IRS will almost certainly get to the bottom of things. If it turns out there was any funny business on Kim and Kroy’s end, the government may decide to make an example of them. 

Kim and Kroy may face some of these potential consequences, all of them, or none of them. Their situation is still unfolding, so only time will tell how bad things will get for Kim and Kroy.