Major Relationship Bombshells Dropped on 90 Day: The Last Resort


90 Day: The Last Resort has been nothing short of chaotic, with each of the five couples dealing with a wide array of issues. Surprisingly, Ed Brown and Liz Woods have been one of the less dramatic couples, despite their rocky history on the franchise. Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi have also been one of the calmer pairs, maybe since Michael is only able to tune in via video chat!

Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya are one of the more chaotic couples this season, who have already revealed several secrets and lies between them. Arguably, the most disastrous pair is Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa, who are currently dealing with severe infidelity. Unfortunately, Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown did not even make it through the entire excursion, after agreeing that their relationship had run its course.

While there have been many bombshell revelations on The Last Resort, these were by far the most shocking!

Asuelu Cheated On Kalani Throughout Their Entire Relationship


Perhaps the most shocking reveal from The Last Resort was all of the infidelity between Kalani and Asuelu. During the premiere, Kalani admitted that Asuelu had cheated on her, which she realized once she saw that he had a yeast infection. In return, Asuelu gave her a “hall pass,” which she used to sleep with another man named Dallas.

To the shock of many viewers, Kalani later revealed that Asuelu cheated on her about a dozen times. Asuelu had not been loyal from the beginning of their relationship, and even cheated on Kalani while she was pregnant. Understandably, Kalani was not able to forgive Asuelu, and decided that she was instead ready to divorce him.

In a surprising turn of events, Dallas decided to fly down and visit Kalani while she was still at the resort. While viewers have not yet officially met Dallas, Kalani went to meet him at his hotel. Asuelu immediately realized something was off, and Kalani came clean to him about everything the next day. On a positive note, Kalani told Asuelu that she valued his friendship and really hopes that the two could stay friends.

Jovi Turned Down A Job Closer To Home


Jovi revealed another huge bombshell on The Last Resort, when he revealed he turned down a job closer to home. Jovi’s job often takes him far away from home for weeks at a time, so Yara always cherishes the time that she does have with him. However, during a therapy session with Jovi’s mom, Gwen, Yara learned that her husband had been keeping a huge secret from her.

With the encouragement of his mother, Jovi confessed that he had received an offer for a job closer to home. However, he ultimately chose not to take it. Yara was incredibly frustrated, and admitted in a confessional that she felt the decision was selfish of Jovi. Jovi knew that Yara and their daughter Mylah wanted him to be at home more, so Yara could not understand why he would turn down the offer.

Jovi Was Also Texting A Certain Stripper Behind Yara’s Back


We weren’t lying when we said Jovi and Yara are one of the most unstable couples this season! Another big problem for them on The Last Resort is Jovi’s obsession with the strip club, which has been alluded to in their previous seasons as well. When all of the women were having a fun night in, Jovi suggested that all of the men go out to the strip club. Since Kelly had already left and Michael wasn’t there in person, Ed and Asuelu happily complied.

While Yara was disappointed to know that Jovi had orchestrated a night out at the strip club, that was not the main issue. Yara was surprised to learn that Jovi actually texted a stripper he knew, in hopes that he would be able to meet up with her at the club. Jovi had previously gone on vacation with this woman, and Yara indicated that he had had a crush on her. When Ed spilled the news to Yara, she became so angry that she threw her coffee on Jovi.

Jovi is turning out to be one of the villains on The Last Resort, and viewers are realizing that he is not as great as they once thought him to be. Yara, on the other hand, is a fan favorite and has viewers rallying behind her in support!