Southern Charm Season 9, Episode 7 Recap: The Naked Truth

Southern Charm Recap

Welcome to our Southern Charm Season 9, Episode 7 recap! After an emotional Episode 6, this week’s Southern Charm episode returned to its old hijinks. The episode showed Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green trying their best to move forward as friends. But I’ll say it again for those in the back – there is no reason to be friends with an ex! Olivia Flowers is healing after losing her brother, and her romance with Rod Razavi is heating up, giving hope to all that she will get her happy ending. 

JT Thomas, our little Napoleon, decided he wanted to host an intimate dinner party; however, Southern etiquette, as fans know it, is stripped away after Madison LeCroy exposes the fact that Taylor sent nude photos to some of the male cast members. As fans will recall, Craig Conover claimed the lightning was dark, but Madison spilled the tea noting she saw nipple and vagina. Lord, I swear I am sweating like a sinner in church. 

Making up is for the dogs

Southern Charm Season 9, Episode 7 Recap

For some reason, Shep and Taylor decided to get their dogs together, Little Craig and Penelope, for a bonding day at the beach. The whole thing is awkward. First, Taylor splashes the everliving hell out of Little Craig, and Shep is doing something weird – showing concern for another creature’s feelings. Hold me, I’m scared. The first introduction is adorable until Taylor states, “Craigy, this was supposed to be your little sister,” to which Shep laughs, “Children of divorce.” It is clear Shep is trying his damnedest to have a nice relationship with Taylor, and during their unromantic beach walk, Shep reveals he was over at Olivia’s checking up on her.

Quickly, Shep tells Tay Tay that she needs to “figure out what your next move is with Olivia and how you want your relationship to work.” It’s a bit rich coming from the Playboy of Charleston, but I digress. Taylor surprisingly admits she “breached.” the trust of her friend. Shep’s advice is sound as he points out that an apology goes a long way, telling his ex to say, “It will never happen again.” 

Yet, Taylor doesn’t look convinced by the unwanted counseling, but she does share in her confessional that watching Olivia go through one of the most challenging times of her life has been hard, especially because Olivia has made it clear she doesn’t want Taylor by her side. Shep shares that he thinks there is value to them keeping a friendship, but the dice have already been rolled. 

Southern Charm Season 9, Episode 7 recap: Nothing beats a charcuterie board

Southern Charm Season 9, Episode 7 Recap

Meanwhile, Whitney Sudler Smith decided to have a casual get-together for the rest of the male Charmers. Leave it to Craig to snag a cane complete with a whiskey shot out of the umbrella holder and still look dapper. Ms. Pat taught Whitney well, as he had whiskey at the ready and dried meats for the boy’s night. Craig is quickly reminded of the expensive antique chair he broke. Oh, and the red wine he spilled all over the $45,000 (ugly) couch. Pass the man a sippy cup, for goodness sake!

The posh night in is bland at best. Whitney breaks out his German accent for some unknown reason, with JT noting they have not had the same upbringing. The sexual innuendos and desire for meat just go to show boys will be boys.

Taylor is in the hot seat

Taylor Ann Green, Leva Bonaparte Southern Charm
Photo by: Paul Cheney/Bravo

The rumor mill was working overtime. News spread throughout the party about Taylor’s “cum one cum all” saucy pic sent to Whitney. Viewers also learned that JT’s new hotspot was actually a speakeasy during the COVID-19 lockdown. Only buffoons think rules don’t apply to them.

Venita Aspen said it best: “Taylor is someone who chooses to be a Bible beater, but then you turn around and send nudes to Whitney?” Bless this mess and JT for thinking he could get through a meal without any of the drama. The table turned into chaos as Madison called out to Taylor for her holier-than-thou act. When Taylor replied, “Yes, there was a picture you could not see anything,” Madison set the record straight, yelling, “I saw your tits and vagina. What you portray to be is f*cking phony and fake.” Luckily, JT stood up and drew a line in the sand. He made it clear the women at the table were not to be disrespected. 

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