Southern Charm’s Biggest Scandals

Southern Charm recap
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Southern Charm Season 9 has been everything and more, with the Charleston gang really acting out. Back for another year of etiquette mixed with debauchery are Shep Rose, Austen Kroll, Craig Conover, Madison LeCroy, Taylor Ann Green, Olivia Flowers, and some other supporting friends.

These personalities, in particular, have found themselves in a bit of drama, thanks to Austen not being able to keep it in his pants. However, before the incestual betrayal, there were other scandals that caught viewers’ eyes. 

Thomas’ Drug Use

Thomas Ravanel/Instagram

Thomas Ravanel‘s association with Southern Charm felt icky, especially thanks to the significant age difference. However, before his dating shenanigans, Thomas served as South Carolina’s State Treasurer in 2007. However, during his time in office, he was charged with federal cocaine distribution.

After pleading guilty and stating he didn’t have an addiction, Thomas spent ten months in jail. Thomas tried his best to get back into politics during the 2014 senate race, but fans watched him lose on the series as voters couldn’t get past his indiscretions. 

JD’s Sketchy Checks

Kathryn Dennis/Instagram

John David Madison was Thomas’ right-hand man who appeared in earlier seasons of Southern Charm. JD and his wife, Liz, seemed to be the voice of reason for the younger group of friends, but fans were surprised to learn the couple was taking steps toward a divorce. In 2017, JD was accused of sexual assault by a woman named Susan Johnson, who claimed the whiskey owner had drugged her. Later, Susan was charged with filing a false police report. 

JD was a naughty boy, as TMZ revealed he was also arrested for check fraud in 2018. The outlet shared that the former Bravo star was picked up for a check violation greater than $500. The charges date back to 2017. But on a happier note, it looks like he and Liz are still together and working on their marriage. 

Kathryn’s Rehab Stint

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis
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I think it is safe to say that Kathryn Dennis’ life went downhill after meeting Thomas. Her older lover often gaslit her, and fans remember just how toxic their relationship was. After the two had their children, Thomas seemed to lose interest in his redheaded vixen.

After a rough few months, Kathryn revealed in 2016 that she had entered a treatment facility in California after testing positive for marijuana. Sadly, due to the failed drug test, Kathryn lost custody of her son and daughter. 

After a full recovery, it seemed that Kathryn was doing pretty well for herself and even was given 50/50 custody. However, in 2019, Thomas tried to take the wind out of Kathryn’s sails by claiming she had a prescription drug problem. The two are still arguing over custody, but Thomas moved three hours down the road to Aiken, SC. 

Craig Lied About Taking the Bar

Craig Conover
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Perhaps one of the biggest scandals of all time came when Craig claimed for months that he was a bona fide lawyer. Fans couldn’t get the information to add up, and Craig finally admitted he had been lying for months.

During Season 3, Craig partied a lot. His dreams of becoming a lawyer seemed to fade, with a love of sewing pulling out in front. For months, Craig has assured Shep and his friends that he had taken the State Bar, but the lies caught up with him at the reunion.

Craig was finally forced to admit to millions of viewers that not only did he not take the legal exam, but he wasn’t even eligible to take it because he failed to hand in his final paper and graduate from law school. The lies! The lies! However, in April 2017, Craig finally sat and passed the Bar exam, shutting everyone up once and for all. 

Cameran’s Exit

Cameran Eubanks/Instagram

Fan favorite Cameran Eubanks abruptly left the show she narrated and starred in season Season 1, all due to some mean girl shit. After rumors that Cameran’s husband, Jason Wimberly, was cheating on her, the mother of one realized the reality TV show was no longer a place for her.

Cameran blamed Kathryn for the rumor and decided that Season 6 would be her last. We still miss the Lilly Pulitzer-wearing blonde to this day. 

Shep Shows His Privilege

Shep Rose
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Shepard really disappointed fans when he was caught mocking a homeless woman while in New York City. In August 2019, Shep posted a video to Twitter that showed him making fun of a woman collecting cans. Shep captioned the video by writing, “Look at me, nice cans! I mean, the cans you have!”

Even though Shep later apologized, fans were appalled he thought mocking a penniless woman was funny in the first place.