RHONY Season 14 reunion
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RHONY Season 14 Reunion: Where Do the Ladies Stand Now? 

Real Housewives of New York Season 14 has come to a close, and a new group of RHONY leading ladies can officially put a freshman season in the books. The fandom has had plenty of opinions about the new apple-holding crew that took Manhattan (and Brooklyn, without kicking and screaming) by storm. Now that the reunion has wrapped, it’s tough to know where the current group of new “friends” stands with one another.

The two-part RHONY reunion was not without its drama. Ubah Hassan came in hotter than her hot sauce, especially toward Erin Lichy. Brynn Whitfield is always a firecracker who’s a little too eager to stir the pot at all times. And Jessel Taank, the true queen of new-age RHONY, had a few bones to pick, and you know she brought her Notes App list.

RHONY Crew: Friends or foes?

Real Housewives of New York
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The emotional rollercoaster that was the RHONY reunion made it hard for fans to see where the crew would end up. It seemed like Ubah was fine burning her last bridge, but apparently, she just needed an emotional release.

Ubah felt like her friends, especially Erin, didn’t have her back all season, and it led to her expressing her emotions a bit sporadically. She word-vomited her feelings on stage to her friends, and it clearly was a release. They were all able to hug it out — Ubah’s been teaching Erin how to ride the subway and running around with Jessel and Brynn. All is well with Ubah Hot as long as no one touches her phone.

Jessel got the vindication she deserved when Erin and Sai De Silva apologized for attacking her marriage. Jessel forgave and the girls have all been hanging out as if nothing happened. So, they clearly foresee a sophomore season. BTW, Jenna Lyons kept things at a comfortable distance with her new friends after the drama of her first season, so who knows if she’ll ever be stuck on a girls’ trip with any of these women ever again.

Sai’s unsatisfying ending

Sai De Silva
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Sai’s reunion didn’t end so swimmingly. Her feud with Brynn over the Mr. Connecticut of it all left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. The pair didn’t talk for months between filming the finale and the reunion. Brynn tried to play tough by saying he had “a thousand friends,” but it was clear she missed Sai. Considering Brynn’s ever-changing opinions on literally everything in life, I’m sure these two will make up and break up well before the cameras start rolling again.

The most shocking aspect of the RHONY reunion was the devious duo of Erin and Sai not being on good terms. This despite spending all season attacking Jessel together. Their feud came down to the cheese drama from Episode 1, which most of us had forgotten about. It seems about as petty as the drama they’ve caused on their debut RHONY run. I can’t say I’m shocked to hear they aren’t the best of friends without a common enemy.