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Tamra Judge Understands Erika Jayne’s RHOBH Comments About Empathy

It looks like Tamra Judge has something in common with Erika Jayne and it isn’t a mutual disdain for people with emotions. While Botox might take care of looking like you feel a certain way, as it turns out, having actual feelings might be a learned skill.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returned for Season 13 and fans got a chance to see a different side of Erika. She’s on a mission to heal herself after struggling in the wake of Tom Girardi’s crimes for many years now. During a therapy session, EJ admitted she’s not terribly familiar with the ability to empathize with her friends. Now Tammy Sue reveals she understands where Erika is coming from. Shocking, said no one ever.

Empathy? We don’t know her …

On a recent episode of Two Ts In A Pod, Tamra and John Mellencamp’s daughter discussed the session EJ had with her therapist. When Erika admitted feeling remorse over clocking Dorit Kemsley’s shakey marriage, EJ wondered how she could be a “better friend.” I mean, maybe not announcing to the fandom that her marriage is circling the drain would have been the first step.

Erika’s therapist advised she is “going to need to have some empathy for them.” At that point, Erika was looking up Empathy on Amazon Prime, but it wasn’t there, so she wanted to know how to “develop that” emotion.

Tammy Sue’s podcast co-host wondered about Erika’s lack of sharing someone else’s feelings, but Tamra completely understood Erika’s angle. “Some people, like, don’t normally have [empathy] and I might be one of those people,” Tamra said. Jennifer Pendranti would most likely agree with this assessment. Along with Heather Dubrow, Eddie Judge on certain days, and most of North America.

Tammy Sue doesn’t dwell on things … (allegedly)

Tamra further wondered why some people just can’t move on from specific events.

“It’s hard because I blow things off so easy, and like I can be hurt, I can go through the worst situations. You’ll never hear me complain about it, I’m never a victim. I will never talk about it like it’s not something I dwell on,” Tamra explained.

Wait, wasn’t Tamra a victim of Vicki Gunvalson during the Brooks Ayers years? Wasn’t Tamra a victim in Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 when she stormed out of a cast trip dinner because her cast mates were all clocking her?

“So, to see people that are going through things, my first instinct is like, ‘Oh, you know, you’ll get over it. Like get over it.’ I mean, [not] a death, something like that, of course, but just certain things in life, eh,” Tamra added.

She noted “It’s so hard for [her]. To sit back and watch and somebody play like, ‘Oh my god, poor me.’” Ma’am, really? Tamra added, “No, there’s no poor mes. It’s get off your a** and move through it.”

Hear that everyone, suck it up! All of the above aside, Erika does want to mend her friendship with Dorit and has expressed remorse for her comments. Progress, we love to see it.

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