Southern Charm Season 9, Episode 8 Recap: Bra Gate

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There is nothing like a Southern Charm guys’ weekend, especially when the former king of chaos, Shep Rose, deems that a getaway is very much needed. Thankfully, Shep and his silver spoon are able to whisk his friends away to his family home in the North Carolina mountains. Sadly, the vibe gave more of a Cabin in the Woods feel as Rod Razavi discovered that there had been a secret rendezvous between Olivia Flowers and Austen Kroll. Grief will make you do some crazy things, like get back with an ex-boyfriend who walked all over you. Here’s everything that went down in Episode 8 of Southern Charm Season 9.

The clean up


After a tense dinner in honor of Olivia, the new Southern Charm episode opens up with JT Thomas and Rod cleaning up the clubhouse. Sadly, some of the mess just couldn’t be swept under the rug. 

Austen and Olivia decided to meet up and tackle their journey to healing their friendship, though again, the Trop Hop brewer isn’t exactly best friend material. Austen opens up about what he has learned in therapy, sharing that he has learned he has to open up to those close to him in his life and let them know how he is feeling. He then goes on to tell Olivia just how important she is to him. Yet, he still betrayed her…

Austen then shared that the naked photo between Taylor Ann Green, who is clearly no choir girl, and Whitney Sudler-Smith “threw me for a fu*king loop.” Olivia added, “That was such a strange decision.” Naturally, Olivia’s curiosity spiked as she asked the 36-year-old Charlotte native if he had ever received a nude from Taylor, with Austen noting, “I never got a nudie from Taylor.” The ever-manipulating Austen shared that the revelation of a nude pic had made him sad and felt Olivia didn’t care about their friendship. Yes, folks, he is just reeling her in.


Austen, the cad


While Austen is talking about feelings, the cogs are turning in Olivia’s head as she voices her concerns, sharing, “I want to be able to trust you and get back there, I just don’t know how.” Somehow, Austen takes the criticism on the chin, claiming he understood, telling Olivia, “I do love you, and I know that I’ve hurt you, but I just know that you and I are supposed to be in each other’s lives.” 

Shep is peeved in Southern Charm Episode 8

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Meanwhile, Shep decided to take it upon himself to confront his longtime friend, Whitney, about accepting the nude selfie from his former lover. Angrily, Shep tells Whitney, “You should have told me about the nude photo just right off the bat. And you showed it to everyone else. It’s not cool.” Whitney, who is 55 and should definitely know better, revealed he thought that the message was “just a joke” and didn’t intentionally hide the information from Shep as he says, “Just so you know, I deleted it.” Yet Whitney acted as if he wanted a gold medal for pressing erase. Shep really stood up for Taylor as he urged his friend to support Taylor as she still was spiraling from their breakup. 

Bra vs. bro

Rod Southern Charm

The party bus headed to Linville, North Carolina, was everything you thought it would be. Craig Conover was asking some tough questions. The Sew It Down South founder jokingly (we hope to God) asked, “Do you think panda bears are real? I really wanted them to be real.” JT, the scholar he is, happily tells his deluded friend that pandas do exist. Craig then responded, “There’s just no evidence.” Jesus, take the wheel. 

Upon arriving at the cabin, the men of Charleston start drinking and cooking heart-shaped burgers in honor of Valentine’s Day. The dinner topic of whether Austen and Olivia hooked up came to light. Rod, who honestly I am rooting for and shows that we as viewers deserve a better quality of guy on Southern Charm, tells JT that a friend of his had been over to Austen’s home and saw an unclaimed bra sitting on the ottoman. Cue the Scooby Doo music. 

Rod sorrowfully notes, “He had Olivia over, so this is assuming that’s hers.” Craig steps out after recovering from the idea that pandas will never exist (dummy) and calls out Austen. The very single lad states, for the record, “We met up in the morning for coffee just to talk. And then we went to lunch, and she literally was like, ‘Honestly, I just want to watch a movie at your house. That’s just what we do. We used to do it so often. I was like, ‘Yeah, of course.'”

Austen has a track record of lying 

Southern Charm Episode 8 recap

Something smells fishy, and it’s not the heart-shaped burgers. Austen had a whole story down – they watched Olivia’s favorite movie, Three Quarters, they laughed, they joked, and “then guess who left her fucking bra on like my little pouf?” Ugg, it all feels so gross that Austen is all but bragging about yet another conquest.

Thankfully, JT came to the rescue and defended Rod’s honor, noting how upset he really was about the issue since he had been courting her. Rod pipes up, explaining, “I heard that Olivia and you hung out on Thursday, and then I was out with a girlfriend of mine, and she told me that there was a bra on the ottoman.” A hush came over the dinner table, with everyone holding their breath.

Austen wasted no time clapping back, saying, “Nothing happened. We cuddled a little bit. She kissed me right on the chest, and she fucking left.” The episode ended with the two talking in private and Austen doubling down that nothing happened. But we know Austen, and we know his track record – something is bound to bubble to the surface.

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