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Phaedra Parks Accuses Caroline Manzo of Lying About Brandi Glanville Drama: ‘Absolutely Nothing Happened’

BravoCon did not disappoint when it comes to revealing information. Phaedra Parks is back on the scene in Married to Medicine but she was also tapped to appear in the now infamous Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: Behind the Bathroom Door in Morocco.

Phaedra was with Brandi Glanville and Caroline Manzo during the “incident” where Brandi was allegedly sexually inappropriate with Caroline behind a locked bathroom door. There’s been a great deal of speculation about the event in question and Brandi has denied wrongdoing every step of the way. After losing jobs and getting some nails in Brandi’s coffin, Phaedra has come out with some very interesting details. Us Weekly has the scoop.

Phaedra drops the dime on Morocco

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Brandi is quite open about her sexually liberal reputation. She’s also been involved in some dodgy situations. So when reports started coming out about Brandi feeling Caroline up without consent, it didn’t seem that farfetched. While Caroline hasn’t spoken about what happened in great detail, she left filming immediately and claims to be traumatized by Brandi’s alleged actions.

As for Brandi, she has repeatedly maintained she did nothing wrong. Additionally, an internal investigation of the matter within Shed Media was closed. Now we’re hearing from the people that were there and one of those people happened to be Phaedra.

“Absolutely nothing [happened],” Phaedra admitted. “So, let’s roll the tapes! I was there and honey, I was sober. Sober, sober. I really don’t drink, so I saw it all,” she added. Wow, Brandi sure could have used this shout-out earlier, but here we are. Also, I have to assume there are those who might question Phaedra’s ability to be a reliable source since she’s been known to … lie on occasion.

“Love was winning”

Phaedra continued, “It was a Harlequin romance. Love was winning.” Oh my, this certainly doesn’t sound good for Caroline’s traditional Italian family values. “I’m excited that you all will get to see it, because you need to see it for yourself — because it’s definitely been way exaggerated,” she noted.

RHUGT Morocco Season 4 was supposed to come out this December, but because of the hullabaloo, it was swapped with Real Housewives of New York: Legacy. There has also been chatter about the entire season being scrapped because of the Brandi and Caroline debacle.

Despite all of this, Phaedra thinks we’ll be seeing it in the near future. “Hopefully, we will see it at the top of the year.”

Until then, you can see Phaedra in Married to Medicine. It airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.