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Brandi Glanville Seemingly Addresses Reports She Groped Caroline Manzo’s “Vaginal Area” In Twitter Post

I know we are usually about fun and snark here but it’s time to get down to business with some incredibly serious allegations. Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville has been given allllll of the chances by Bravo. This is someone who outed Adrienne Maloof’s surrogacy when her own family didn’t know. She has thrown wine and slapped someone. Brandi has also been racially insensitive with other cast members. Most recently she accused Denise Richards of “hooking up” and denying the incident occurred.

But it was all brushed aside because, you know, “That’s just Brandi.” While Brandi’s dream of getting her diamond back never came to fruition, she was thrown a bone. She was tapped to appear on Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip–the fired edition. Brandi showed up, did her job, and managed to score a second season of RHUGT.

The new cast had been filming in Morocco and by all accounts, there was no lack of alcohol. Reports emerged that during a party at a private home, Brandi allegedly locked former Real Housewives of New Jersey vet Caroline Manzo in a bathroom, along with other co-stars. Filming is not allowed in a bathroom situation, but it has been alleged Brandi touched Caroline’s “vaginal area.” Brandi was sent home by production. Caroline left of her own accord. Recently Brandi posted a comment on Twitter, that may or may not be in reference to the incident. Page Six has the details.

On February 6, 2023 Brandi tweeted, “Check your sources people!!!!” A representative for Caroline had no comment on Brandi’s post. For context, the complaints against Brandi are ALLEGEDLY “touching [Caroline’s] breast area and vaginal area” over her clothes. MULTIPLE people said Brandi “stuck her tongue down [Caroline’s] throat.”

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If this is true, it is disgusting. This isn’t being “just Brandi.” This would be sexual assault. This isn’t “Brandi being drunk” because an inability to control yourself around alcohol is no excuse for allegedly putting your hands on someone. Could you imagine if a man had done this?

Page Six reported that Brandi was making Caroline uncomfortable so she went to the restroom. This is when Brandi ALLEGEDLY locked the door and “pinned Caroline against the wall.”

It was so bad that reps for Shed Media and Peacock (owned by NBC Universal, along with Bravo) actually released a statement saying they “take all reports seriously” and “production immediately launched a comprehensive review and is taking appropriate action.” But are they?

Come on, it’s no secret Bravo loves a criminal. It’s also no secret that Real Housewives has shown us you can be a completely vile human being and still receive praise and fanfare from the network. Anyone remember the Naked Wasted moment? Didn’t stop the Real Housewives of Orange County return of Tamra Judge. Hell, Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Phaedra Parks more or less accused someone of rape and was fired for it. Now she’s back, because, Bravo. Did you commit wire and bankruptcy fraud and spend time in jail? Send your resume over to Bravo because they will probably have a spot for you.

This is definitely a Brandi problem, but maybe the bigger issue is the enabling of people who already have a suspect moral compass and giving them a platform. What has become of this show that used to be a fun way to be a voyeur into the lives of rich women? To live vicariously through people who have access to extravagant vacations and mind-blowing real estate? Have we become so desensitized as viewers that we now shrug our shoulders and say “that’s Brandi” when a woman was reportedly groped without her consent? But don’t worry, the big guys are “taking appropriate action.” Allegedly.


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