Heather Dubrow at BravoCon
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Heather Dubrow Felt ‘Done’ With Real Housewives of Orange County During Season 17

If it wasn’t evident when Heather Dubrow proclaimed “I’m done with the show! I’m out!” during The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Mexico trip, the thoughts she recently revealed also reflect that filming RHOC Season 17 was a very difficult experience for her.

The season saw Heather fighting most of her battles against the other women completely on her own. That certainly had to be exhausting. Fancy Pants talked about her Season 17 difficulties and where her feelings on it stand now.

Heather said Season 17 “took its toll” on her

Heather shared some of her feelings about living through Season 17 during RHOC’s BravoCon 2023 panel. It should’ve been an exciting, joyous time in her life given the ungodly amount of money she and Terry Dubrow sold their massive OC mansion for. But, difficulties with the other ladies (probably mostly Tamra Judge) made Heather consider walking away from the show a second time. She said many of the messy moments didn’t even make it to air.

“I think in that moment I was like, ‘Ah, I can’t do this. I’m done.’ It was so much, and of course we filmed so much. There was more and more and more that wasn’t even shown. So it definitely took its toll on me.”

Heather and Terry: The season was “really tough” on their whole family

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Us Weekly caught up with Heather and Terry during BravoCon weekend as well. The couple explained that Heather wasn’t the only one in the family to be over the drama. Terry shared that supporting Heather in her difficult times was a whole-family affair.

“The behind the scenes was really difficult. That’s one thing you don’t see with these reality shows. The amount of emotional toil that it takes on someone like Heather, and it really does. There’s crying, there’s a lot of need for support. It was [a] tough, really, really tough season.”

Heather did mention one of the benefits of the job: having a large platform. We saw Heather and Terry flawlessly support their three LGBTQ+ children, and Heather wanted to use her “unbelievable platform” to share that with other families who may be navigating the same waters.

“It’s done so much for us, for our family, and we’ve talked about this, but the reason I came back was to use our platform for good and start conversations in other people’s family. I think we’ve been able to affect a bit of change and at least start dialogue and I feel so good about that, that even though some of it is painful for me personally, the greater good means a lot.”

Since Heather and Terry moved to an LA penthouse AND bought a Beverly Hills mansion, there’s been rumblings of her maybe making the move to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She should take caution though. Those ladies are also a hot mess!