Winter House Season 3, Episode 3 Recap: Ski All Day, Cry All Night

Brian Benni, Katie Flood, Casey Craig, Tom Schwartz, Jordan Emanuel, and Kyle Cooke at a premiere party
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In the last episode of Winter House, the cast got way too drunk and dressed up like pirates. This week picked up right where they left off—with everyone way too drunk and dressed up like pirates.

The only people who weren’t dressed like pirates were Alex Propson and Danielle Olivera. They ditched their pirate gear for a steamy, hot tub makeout session. Meanwhile, Kyle Cooke and his mullet were still longing for Amanda Batula, who has been absent from the season because of a norovirus infection. It’s revealed in a text that she recovered and would be flying out to Colorado to join the cast ASAP. Thank goodness!

This week, as the hookups in the house intensified, so did the emotions. Episode 3 delivered the season’s first hookup, the first ski trip, and the first emotional breakdown. Here’s what went down in Season 3, Episode, 3, “Exes and Oohs.”

Kiss and tell

Episode 3 brought us back into the middle of Danielle and Alex’s makeout session. These two are a dynamic little duo, but it’s obvious there were no romantic feelings anywhere in this hot tub.

At one point during the makeout session, Danielle and Alex came up for air and talked about Alex’s palpable feelings for Jordan Emanuel. Danielle suggested that he needed to try harder to win over Jordan. Alex took note of the suggestion before going back in for more tongue action with Danielle. Eventually, the two went inside and rejoined the rest of the pirate crew.

Everyone probably assumed they were in the hot tub making out, but Danielle told Alex not to ruin it by going and telling everyone about it. However, the first thing Danielle did after reentering the house was announce to everyone that she made out with Alex. Seriously, she must have said it ten times, still dripping wet from the hot tub.

Alex and Danielle went to bed together, and this all seemed to trigger something in Jordan because, from this point on, she became a different person. She headed to Casey Craig to confess her feelings for Kory Keefer.

Jordan told Casey that when they were playing their game earlier, he said Alex was the guy she most wanted to kiss because she was too nervous to admit that she really wanted to kiss Kory. With Kory’s murky situation with Samantha Feher, Jordan wasn’t sure about making a move.

In response to Jordan, Casey went off the rails and dragged Sam to build up Jordan. Trash-talking can be a bonding experience, after all, and apparently, she knows Sam in real life. She’s “absolute trash” according to Casey. She said Sam is nothing but a “basic b-tch from New Jersey.” Okay, Cryptocurrency Casey. Clock in!

Feeling energized by Casey, Jordan went on the prowl for Kory. After being celibate for over a year, Jordan was feral for some male attention. Unfortunately, Kory was already in bed, sending his goodnight texts to Sam. Although Jordan was knocking on his door, hoping for a little nightcap, he didn’t answer, and that was probably for the best. Just go to bed, Jordan.

The morning after

Danielle Olivera Winter House Season 3 cast picture
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The morning after the pirate party, the house was an absolute disaster. You can tell it probably smells bad in the Winter House, but the morning cleaning crew (Malia) took a stab at restoring order.

When Danielle woke up, she immediately started filling in the girls on what happened between her and Alex. She announced, “There was no penetration!”

Whether there was penetration or not, the hookup was enough to earn a round of applause from the rest of the house. Steamboat Springs had officially been christened. Meanwhile, Alex told Schwartz what he did the night before, and he admitted that he felt bad for hooking up with Danielle since he started the season by flirting with Jordan. Too late now, Alex.

The gang ventured out for a ski day, the first of the season! They splintered into two groups with Danielle, Alex, Jordan, Katie Flood, and Brian Benni taking on the bunny slopes while the “advanced” skiers tackled the mountain.

It was hilarious seeing the Winter House newbies trying to learn how to ski — especially the yachties who were totally out of their element. If they want to last more than one season on this show, they better learn quickly!

All eyes on Kory

Kory Keefer in a pink crop top suit on stage at BravoCon 2023
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Since Kory arrived in the house, he’s been flirting with all of the girls. Then, at the end of the night, he goes to bed and sends a goodnight text to Sam. No one likes mixed signals, so during the ski day, the “advanced” group confronted him about his relationship status. They straight up asked him, “Would you feel bad if you hooked up with someone during this phase with Sam?”

Surprisingly, Kory admitted that he would feel bad if he hooked up with someone, so he’s got to be on his best behavior. Meanwhile, on the bunny slopes, Kory was still the topic of discussion. Jordan told Danielle that she made up her mind and was ready to make a move on him. Uh oh.

Danielle explained that since she’s friends with Sam, she felt a little awkward about Jordan setting her sights on Kory but not enough to stop her. Sam, be damned. When in Winter House, do as in Winter House.

Unhappy hour

Tom Schwartz standing in front of a bar on stage at BravoCon 2022. His arms are in the air
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After the ski day, Tom Schwartz had the bright idea to have a party dedicated to their pasts, where everyone would make a shot that reminded them of their ex-partners. Tom thought it would be cathartic, but in actuality, he’s just giving off big divorced guy energy. Still, everyone obliged the game and concocted some seriously bizarre shooters.

Tom kicked it off with a shot about Katie Maloney. He poured out some tequila and talked about some of the issues that emerged in his marriage. Like a true Shakespearean party boy, he explained, “I’m not tequila because I can’t please everybody.”

Everyone went around, reminiscing on their past relationships, many of which unfolded on Bravo. When it was Casey’s turn, she explained that she made a shot out of beer and garbage juice—literal juice from a trash bag. We get it. Your ex is trash, but this metaphor was a little too on the nose.

Then, for some reason, Danielle and Kory agreed to drink the garbage shot. At that point, some serious consideration went into changing the channel. Do germs not exist in the Winter House?

Shortly after taking the garbage shot, Danielle went back to making out with Alex. Do you think she brushed her teeth before kissing him, or did her mouth taste like a trash can water? These are the important questions.

Jordan’s feeling weird

Jordan Emanual Winter House Season 3 cast picture
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After taking all of those nasty shots, the roommates kept the party going, because what else are they going to do? As the drinks continued flowing, Malia White and Kory were hanging out close together in the kitchen. Their relationship feels like a bromance more than anything, but Jordan was watching them from the corner, just seething. It’s unclear how Kory and Malia didn’t feel her stare burning into their backs like lasers.

At one point, Malia tried to babybird a shot of Jägermeister into Kory’s mouth, and from where Jordan was sitting, it looked like she kissed him. Cue Season 3’s first big emotional breakdown.

Jordan stormed off and broke into tears. She said that she felt like Malia had been hyping her up all day, only to go make a move on Kory and kiss him that night. Jordan started balling her eyes. Then, of all people, Alex had the first available shoulder to cry on. Through tears, she wailed, “I just, I’m so confused!”

Jordan’s extra-loud crying ended up getting the attention of everyone in the house and they all came together for a group hug — everyone except for Kory who was already lying in bed, sending goodnight texts to Sam.

Crying this hysterically over a guy you just met who is already in a relationship with someone else is certainly a choice for Jordan. But she managed to sit down with Malia and explain why she felt betrayed. Malia explained to Jordan that she was mistaken about what she thought was a kiss. We all saw it. She was babybirding him.

“I was not kissing Kory. I was spitting in his mouth, in the least sexual way possible,” Malia confirmed in her confessional because, again, germs don’t exist in the Winter House.

While Malia helped talk Jordan out of her unnecessary emotional breakdown, Alex headed to Danielle’s room for another slumber party. The episode ended with them discussing whether or not to have sex. He told her to “put it in,” so that was a good stopping point for all of this.

Winter House Season 3 continues on Bravo, Tuesday nights at 9/8c.