Where Winter House Went Wrong

Winter House Season 3 cast photo
(Photo by: Rodolfo Martinez/Stephanie Diani/Bravo via Getty Images)

In 2021, Bravo premiered Winter House as a spin-off, and honestly, it was amazing. The cast of Summer House rented a lodge in Stowe, Vermont, and ensured the party lasted for 14 days straight. Between familiar Summer House and Southern Charm faces, the original cast consisted of Carl Radke, Lindsay Hubbard, Ciara Miller, Kyle Cooke, Paige DeSorbo, Amanda Batula, Craig Conover, and Austen Kroll. The drama was icy, with a hint of familiarity. When Season 1 premiered, I honestly felt like I was watching a group of my friends hang out and enjoy life. 

However, the future of Winter House is up in the air. People revealed that instead of canceling Winter House for good, the network has decided to put the series on pause. Where have we heard this before? Now, I am not holding my breath that it will be given a second chance, and I can’t say I blame the network after the abysmal Season 3. Too many shows have been shelved after losing interest from viewers, and I’m not quite sure what would really enhance a Season 4. 

Winter House Season 1 Was Everything

Katie Flood/Instagram

The underlying highlight of Season 1 was the familial feeling among the cast members. Without a doubt, Winter House Season 1 was light and immensely enjoyable to watch, which was exactly what Bravo viewers craved from a winter series. Bravo had struck TV gold by mixing the sloshed cast members with winter activities. There was a love triangle, backyard sledding, and, of course, amazingly themed parties. The first Winter House party ever had the group embracing a Spring Break theme, which included a shark piñata.

Unfortunately, Seasons 2 and 3 never had the same success. Even though I still tuned in for both seasons, it felt as if the spark had been put out. Season 2 had Lindsay and Carl visiting in a friend capacity, which was weird. Season 3 put a hodge-podge of Bravolebrties in a house almost like Big Brother, but no one really connected because they didn’t know one another, as well as in Season 1. Frankly, it was boring. 

Marriages and Breakups Ruined It

Lindsay Hubbard/Instagram

God, I loved a single Lindsay and Kyle. Both were hot messes, but when they became enveloped in their respective relationships, they got boring. Lindsay and Carl’s breakup meant they would not be appearing on Season 3 of Winter House. Season 3 included Tom Schwartz coming off the aftermath of Scandoval. I thought there would be some storyline with Katie Flood, but again, the wanna-be Ken just couldn’t pull the trigger.

Kory Keffer showed fans just how bad some men behave, with the same going for Malia White. The budding romances in the last two seasons just felt icky. I’d never been so happy to be reminded that I was no longer in the dating pool with these freaks. I just wanted to see someone make someone else a sandwich or quiz a woman on why she wore a Steve Jobs turtleneck in the pool. I miss the good old days, don’t you? 

Winter House Season 3 Was A Hail Mary


You can’t deny it: Winter House Season 3 was boring. It very much felt like everyone was told, ‘Your job is to hook up with someone, anyone, or at least act like you might.’ For me personally, I needed to see something a bit more organic when it came to a house romance. The whole point of the original series was to show an actual group of friends going in on a house share.

The entire last season was Bravo just pulling some randos from across their platform and manufacturing a scenario in which these people would be going on a vacation together. Its whole premise was ridiculous as it made the whole thing show more fake. A big fat yawn from me. I’m going to be honest here. The number one reason Winter House is being put on pause is because Bravo lost its way with the series. I can only hope I care enough to try and tune back in when the time comes.