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Heather Gay and Beauty Lab Facing Civil Lawsuit From Months Before Monica Garcia Legal Drama

Heather Gay is currently not getting along with Monica Garcia. That’s okay because it seems the entire Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast can set aside any differences and bond over their mutual dislike of the new girl.

There’s no doubt Monica is causing a stir on RHOSLC and her co-stars don’t appreciate the efforts. While Monica and Heather’s dispute has yet to air on the current season, it recently came out that Mon took Beauty Lab + Laser (aka Heather’s baby) to court for a botched face. But Heather’s legal drama didn’t begin with Monica and now she’s headed to federal court on a separate case. Radar has the scoop.

Did Heather make a big boo-boo?

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Heather is going through a time with her spa. On the bright side, she can’t fully blame Monica for this one. Months before Monica became litigious with Beauty Lab, the business was dealing with a federal lawsuit.

Court documents show photographer Gavin O’Neill first filed a civil suit against Heather and Beauty Lab + Laser. Basically, she was accused of infringing on a copyright after she allegedly used photos of people he shot without permission.

The case was filed in March 2023. Additionally, the photographer stated his main source of income was being paid through his licensed photos. His credits include Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and GQ, so he isn’t some random dude complaining.

The photos were used to show “what can be achieved with Beauty Lab’s HydraFacial services, and urged its users to book an appointment online.” The photographer further accused Heather of utilizing several pics without his knowledge or paying him for the usage.

The photographer’s statement:

“O’Neill is informed and believes Defendants (including their employees, agents, contractors or others over whom they have responsibility and control) used, displayed, published, and otherwise held out to the public O’Neill’s original and unique Photographs in order to acquire a direct financial benefit from the use of the Photographs through revenue from the sales of Beauty Lab’s products and services.”

Gavin also advised he tried to settle up with Heather before initiating the lawsuit but she blew him off. He wants over $450k for his troubles. Heather’s camp denied any wrongdoing and requested the lawsuit to be thrown out. She feels the photographer hasn’t “been damaged” by her using his pics. Interesting.

Accordingly, Heather’s response read, “Defendant’s infringement was not willful. Defendant removed the allegedly infringing photographs immediately upon receiving notice.”

At this time the case remains pending.

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