Lisa Hochstein at BravoCon 2023 in Las Vegas
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Lisa Hochstein to Launch Amicable Divorce Company Amid Lenny Split Drama

If you think that Lisa Hochstein is just going to sit around and collect cash from her impending divorce, think again! Yes, Lisa haters, our betrayed Real Housewives of Miami star is trying to help other divorcees.

To say that her split with husband Lenny Hochstein has been messy is an understatement. It has featured his mistress filing a restraining order against Lisa, Lenny attempting to kick Lisa out of their home, and so much more. A true War of the Roses.

Divorce made easy

This is why Lisa is likely so invested in the idea of making divorce easier for the rest of us. Page Six reported that an Instagram account shared info on Lisa’s venture. The seasoned housewife then shared that post to her Stories, which is now unavailable due to the 24-hour time limit on Stories.

Lisa wrote in the post, “Turning my pain into purpose.” The company, called Splitwell, has a website but offers little else than an IP address. The only info we get is the tagline “Breaking up without breaking the bank.” The site notes that it’s “coming soon” and also powered by AI. Whatever that means. You can currently sign up to be on a waitlist.

Lisa coming out on top

The mother-of-two found herself in a precarious situation as soon as Lenny decided to step out publicly with his mistress. The drama continues to play out on RHOM in addition to the media.

Since filing for divorce, Lenny has done everything in his power to make Lisa suffer. Most recently, Lenny tried to get an emergency motion to overturn his settlement agreement with Lisa this summer. The judge ruled in Lisa’s favor, suggesting that they concur with Lenny being the worst.

On a personal note, Lenny put a ring on said mistress, then they allegedly broke up but are now back together. Lisa has also moved on in the love department, showcasing her new man on this season of RHOM.

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