Why Sutton Stracke Isn’t Cut Out For The Real Housewives

Sutton Stracke
(Photo by Mindy Small/Getty Images)

Bless Sutton Stracke‘s little heart for trying her best to fit in with a group of ladies she would otherwise avoid like the plague. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are known for being a tough group to break into. Not only are their diamonds sharp, but so are their tongues. A sweet Southern belle from Georgia was no match for their mean girl personas. Some fans feel that Sutton may have worn out her welcome. 

Sutton and Strippers Do Not Mix

Sutton Stracke/Instagram

The mother of two was “offended” by her friends having “men’s faces in their crotch” at the Las Vegas Magic Mike show. Earlier in the day, Erika Jayne noted that if the women wanted to get on stage, they needed to wear pants. A joyful Sutton revealed she had packed trousers and a lot of single bills, yet she still wasn’t picked.

Sitting in the face of rejection really seemed to make her uncomfortable as she eventually stood up and stormed off. Not very Real Housewives-like. Sadly, she wore pants for nothing. 

Sutton Plays up Being Southern

Sutton Stracke/Instagram

Sutton’s ‘mind your manners’ way of responding to most exchanges within the group got stale quickly. Sutton went from rich parents to a rich husband and frankly comes across as a bit useless. The long drawl Sutton often puts on when she is wrong doesn’t cover up her inability to have conflict with others. The blonde is, in fact, rude but acts extremely flustered anytime her own attitude is mirrored back to her. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s communication needs work. While watching the series, it often feels like if Sutton starts to show any emotion, she responds dismissively or negatively, which only leads her into trouble with the other women. It doesn’t help that she also can’t explain herself, making it hard to become good friends with her.  

Sutton Lacks Awareness for Others

Sutton Stracke/Instagram

Sutton’s complete lack of understanding when it came to race was shocking to watch during Season 11. During a tense conversation with Kyle Richards, Crystal Kung Minkoff shared that she could relate to Garcelle Beauvais for becoming upset as they are the only two non-white cast members.

Sutton, who was sipping her whiskey, suddenly became very upset, telling the ladies, “I am not doing this! I am going to tell you right now!” It very much looked like Sutton didn’t feel the conversation needed to be had since they were “educated” and well “traveled.” Crystal asked if she was that girl who didn’t see color. In her confessional, Sutton noted, “Yes, I’m the girl that doesn’t see color. And that’s bad, why?”

Sutton and Crystal weren’t even speaking the same language, and it showed just how out of touch Sutton is with the common man. Crystal even noted that “the generation above me were simply taught to be color blind, and Sutton’s 20 years older than me, so she’s part of the generation that was taught that.”

Sutton Is Just Plain Awkward

Sutton Stracke/Instagram

I hate to say it because I actually like watching Sutton on the series for the most part, but she can be painfully awkward in her own skin. So awkward, in fact, that I start cringing. Sutton just isn’t a housewife. I have trouble trying to figure out if she is genuinely the underdog in the story or if she just plays the card hard and often. Fans want to watch Real Housewives who are catty and ready for whatever comes their way.

Sadly, Sutton just doesn’t fit that description. She is prim, proper, and shouldn’t be allowed within ten feet of a Bravo camera. An even better reason that Sutton might need to leave the show is the fact that the bigger fish use her as a scapegoat so they don’t have to discuss their real issues. If Sutton bowed out, it would force some of the women to have to come up with better storylines.