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Crystal Kung Minkoff Thinks the RHOBH Leaker Is ‘Obvious’ Now

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has seemed to have a different vibe lately. As it should, after a brief hiatus in filming between Seasons 12 and 13 due to the very public fallout from Kathy Hilton’s supposed Aspen tantrum. Which was kind of curious, since it wasn’t even filmed by Bravo’s cameras.

Crystal Kung Minkoff thinks she knows exactly who blabbed – Lisa Rinna. Crystal says it’s now pretty obvious in Lisa’s absence that she had a hand in it, though she’s always denied it.

Crystal thinks the RHOBH leaker is “obvious”

Lisa made it her duty to orchestrate and exacerbate any and all drama during her eight years on the show. However, it looks like her pot-stirring might not have only been limited to her time in front of the camera.

Crystal was a guest on Scheana Shay’s podcast last week when the two got on the topic of Kathy’s Aspen outburst being all over the press.

Crystal used her deductive reasoning skills to narrow it down. “With the whole leaking of the press and stuff, I think it’s pretty obvious because there’s no press being leaked about our season now.”

Rinna was the only diamond holder who left between then and now. Though Crystal hypothesized that Lisa’s the leaker, she hasn’t figured out her motive.

Crystal explained, “It was my second year [on the show] and I still felt like a novice to the whole thing. So I was like ‘Maybe this is how the show works. Maybe it’s just how toxic it is. Maybe this is what people do’ … But I was like, ‘But why do they do that? Don’t you want the show to play out?’ I just didn’t understand it. But now, it’s far more clear to me, because, like, there’s nothing out. But why? I’ll never know.”

Crystal: The show has changed

Erika Jayne and Lisa Rinna
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Crystal says the show has changed. While she doesn’t agree that Lisa’s “THE biggest bully in Hollywood,” she does think that Lisa was a bully. But, it made for great TV.

“I would say maybe on the show, I could pretty much say that, yes. But in Hollywood — I think there’s a lot of mean people in Hollywood,” said Crystal.

She added, “[RHOBH Season 13] was very different. And I didn’t know Rinna’s impact on me until she was not there. That being said, I think that Rinna’s been, obviously, an incredible ‘Housewife.’ I mean, I used to watch it, so she was like iconic to me.”

It doesn’t seem like Crystal misses Lisa, but she thinks Lisa’s loyal ally Erika Jayne does.

“I could really feel [Erika’s] energy, like she didn’t have her person. But again, for her, then that changes how she’s going to experience other people,’ Crystal shared.

Hasn’t Rinna always been suspect #1? After all, she is a “HUSTLER!”

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