Kathy Hilton

Kathy Hilton Says She Doesn’t Regret Calling Lisa Rinna A Bully

This new Kathy Hilton — the one that’s unafraid to speak up and certainly doesn’t back down to Lisa Rinna — yeah, that one… I’m LOVING. We’ve only seen previews of Kathy’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 reunion performance but from the looks of it, she’s locked in and ready to go.

In the reunion trailer, we see Kathy fire pretty hard at Lisa calling her “the biggest bully in Hollywood”. Oof, pretty intense, right? Well, Kathy said what she said and she’s not changing.

“She is a bully. She bullied everybody, and I think that is just the worst,” she said during BravoCon also stating she “will not let that go.”

Kathy and Lisa have been feuding for the last half of this current season. First, it started with Lisa trying to intentionally snub Kathy by ordering her “friend” Kendall Jenner’s tequila line over Hilton’s. Then, all hell broke loose when Kathy allegedly had a major meltdown that left Rinna “shook”. So shook that if she didn’t talk about it she said it would cause her “cancer”. Really, Lisa? That serious?

The meltdown in question supposedly features Kathy saying some pretty nasty things about her sister Kyle Richards and her family, NBC Universial, oh, and Bravo.

Who knows if she actually said these things because they weren’t captured on camera. But with Lisa’s many years of stirring the pot on RHOBH, you’d think the producer light would go off in her head and she’d have thought to pull out that iPhone of hers and start filming. We all know production would’ve pieced that in there and would’ve even given you a little “Lisa Cam” credit as well. Instead, you lock yourself in your bedroom and text Erika Jayne? Got it.

Lisa held on to this until she couldn’t any longer. She revealed it to the group, made this big deal about it, and of course, got Kyle worked up and Kathy then found herself in the hot seat. From watching it back, it looks like Kathy herself doesn’t even realize why the ladies are so shaken by her behavior. It’s evident in that sit-down conversation she had with Kyle where Lisa said she had a “black heart”. I guess she would know.


[Photo Credit: Shed Media/Peacock]