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RHONJ’s John Fuda Suggests Teresa Giudice Should Leave the Show

John Fuda is ready for his close-up. The husband of Real Housewives of New Jersey star Rachel Fuda is preparing for his sophomore season on RHONJ and lighting all of the fires.

In Season 13, John wasn’t getting along very well with Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas. They had quite a scene at the reunion and it looks like Season 14 isn’t going any better. Now John feels Tre’s time in the spotlight is done and detailed his reasons on Kim DePaola’s podcast.

Are Teresa’s 15 minutes up?

John went so far as to call the OG of RHONJ a “has-been.” This probably secretly pleased Kim D who has never been a big fan of Tre’s. While hundreds of Teresa fans have been manifesting John’s mysterious disappearance since he disparaged Tre, he explained himself on an episode of Get Real with Kim D.

Regarding accusing Luis of hiring the now infamous Bo Dietl to uncover skeletons in the cast’s closet, he knows the allegations and subsequent insult stung Tre. “I think [there was a fuss about it] because [the insult] hurts her, it bothers her that I said it. I don’t think it’s as bad as half the other names I could have called her,” John began.

Then John seemingly went after Teresa’s age, suggesting her time on the show is up. “I also think, just like an athlete, at some point in your career you age out,” he said. When asked why he called Teresa a has-been, John explained, “Look, I was called a name and I responded … I was called a drug dealer.”

John also feels after he was called a drug dealer, he was basically forced to stoop down to Tre’s level. “I responded in the same way and called her a has-been. I don’t normally just launch out and say these things and launch out at people. I’m generally a very friendly person,” John said.

Teresa started it – allegedly

He also said Teresa fired first and threw the “first punch.” Which is all fine and dandy, but just because someone acts infantile doesn’t mean you have to respond accordingly.

Ahead of Season 14, it’s safe to say Teresa isn’t going in feeling particularly friendly towards John’s wife Rachel. She told Jennifer Aydin, “You want to be friends with Rachel … I don’t care. If they try to make up some cockamamie s–t, I’m not doing it.” Thankfully Jennifer managed not to fat-shame Tre as a response.

Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 14 will return in 2024.