Why It’s Time To Kick Erika Jayne Off RHOBH

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Erika Jayne has been patting the puss on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since Season 6. At first, her eccentric attire, hairstyles, and crazy rich lifestyle were fun to watch. When Erika began performing, we became hooked all the more. For us, Erika’s bold and unabashed shows brought a much needed sense of fun to her series.

Around Season 11, however, Tom Girardi, her attorney husband, was accused of stealing recovered settlement winnings from his clients. When she spoke on these claims, she botched…everything. Erika’s lack of empathy caused fans (and a few of her castmates) to quickly turn against her on RHOBH. As for her knowledge on Tom’s crimes, Erika pleaded that she was completely innocent.

Unpopular opinion, but Erika’s innocence isn’t that far-fetched. Tom won famous cases left and right. He was beyond rich, so we get how Erika might have been in the dark over his deceitful ways. In fact, several of Tom’s colleagues even expressed their surprise when learning about his underhanded ways.

In addition, Erika has been drug through the legal system, and she keeps winning. Cheers to insufficient evidence, which has basically proven what I said above. Her innocence is (mostly) believable. That said, they ways in which she has handled Tom’s fall from grace have all been poor, which has cast a dark light on her time on-air.

Innocent or not, Erika’s not presenting well. Therefore, we think it’s time for her to take a long Lisa Rinna-style pause. She needs to regroup, breathe, and come back honest and contrite. With that in mind, here’s why it might be time to finally give Erika Jayne the boot from RHOBH.

Erika’s Divorce Came Off as Contrived

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Divorces in the land of the Real Housewives are a dime a dozen. However, Erika had been praising Tom’s husbandly skills since her entrance onto this series, yet once his fraud was discovered, she immediately painted him as a neglectful spouse.

Personally, I can understand why she protected her marriage on air, but the changes seen were immediate and weird. From her voice dropping too many octaves to count when retelling her cast mates how crappy Tom was, to her sudden use of mascara that runs when wet, it all just felt like an act.

When bashing Tom, Erika also failed to mention that he was the literal worst for his fraudulent acts against victims, orphans, and widows. If she did, it likely would have strengthened many people’s opinions, as well as bolstering her need for a divorce.

But no, she focused on using negative marital-based examples that were never showcased on-air. Basically, Erika’s entire divorce storyline felt contrived and scripted, which is a Real Housewives “skill” that needs to die, especially for the “puppy-gate,” “Munchausen syndrome” that is RHOBH.

Erika’s Life Was Financed By Victims


Erika’s career was financed on the backs of victims, as Tom funneled $20M into her music career, alongside $40k a month for her glam. Without said funds, she would never have been on RHOBH, written a book, found success in her music career, or starred on Broadway.

On her end, Erika still fails to acknowledge that her champagne lifestyle has arrived from theft. Instead, Erika continues performing and singing about how expensive it is to be her.

Considering how badly the victims are still struggling without their funds, Erika’s continuing behaviors are failing to land. It isn’t fun watching Erika’s antics anymore, knowing where her funding originated, all while she chooses to ignore this extremely large elephant on-air. This is why we feel like it’s time to kick Erika off of RHOBH.

Erika Showed Zero Sympathy For The Victims


Two things can be true. Erika can be totally innocent about her husband’s shady dealings, yet she can also be completely tone-deaf towards the individuals who have lost everything over Tom’s deceitful ways. Proving our point, in Season 12, Erika stated that she doesn’t “give a f*ck about anybody else but me,” which landed exactly how you’d expect with her co-stars—poorly.

She then went on to tell the ladies that the victims were “potential victims…because who knows if they’re true or not.” She further explained that everyone needed to let the legal system play out, which is fair. Her words, however, sucked. We cannot image what Tom’s victims must have felt, hearing Erika label them as potential liars on-air, using her platform to further disparage their lives, and for this, we’d like for Erika to exit stage left.

Erika’s Vicious Streak is Problematic


In Season 7, Eileen Davidson made a poor analogy in an attempt to diffuse an escalating Erika. “She didn’t kill your child,” Eileen began, causing Erika to launch into a narrative about how her police officer son could be killed at any time. When Erika told Eileen to never bring up her kid, Dorit Kemsley interjected, saying, “she didn’t talk about your kid.” Erika slowly responded to Dorit, saying, “Shut up,” causing all parties to back down.

Thankfully, Erika apologized, as she knew that she had gone off of the rails. However, Erika also came viciously for Sutton Stracke, asking her co-star “would you like to get sued?” when questioned about her math that wasn’t mathing, in Sutton’s opinion. Sutton then claimed that under her breath, Erika threatened her again. This is why Sutton brought a security team to the Season 11 reunion taping.

Erika’s life has imploded, so we can understand a few stressed out reactions on her end from time to time. However, threatening others for simply doing their jobs on a reality television series, meaning that they’re just asking the hard questions, is not ok. This is just another reason why we’d like to see Erika off of RHOBH, at least until she can learn to fight fairly.