(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

RHOSLC Season 4 Reunion Rumors Debunked by Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen is debunking some recent Real Housewives of Salt Lake City rumors before their upcoming reunion.

As we know, there are always stories circulating about the Real Housewives. If it’s not one thing, it’s definitely another. And after the Park City, Utah girls just wrapped filming their fourth reunion recently (where newbie Monica Garcia got the first chair), the “rhumors” started running wild.

First, the streets said the ladies had a video conference with Jen Shah from her 8×8 prison cell.

In case you missed it, Andy announced at last year’s BravoCon that the network was DONE with Jen following her guilty plea for fraud.

Since then, we haven’t heard much about her, and THANK God. And even better, she won’t be making any SLC reunion appearances, either. “If anyone was hoping for that, [it] did not happen,” the Housewives host said on Radio Andy.

Did Mary Cosby show up to the RHOSLC Season 4 reunion?

Other rumors had to do with Mary M. Cosby. Although this is her third season of RHOSLC, the upcoming reunion will only be her second. She ditched the Season 2 gather following her intense feud with fired Housewife Jennie Nguyen. Since returning to the series, she’s given watchers much of the same energy: unbothered.

She doesn’t want to play with the girls, hang with the girls, or even be near the girls, and that’s why she missed out on their latest adventure, churning butter.

Even though her attitude has made for entertaining scenes so far, many, including her co-stars, have wondered how sustainable it is for the show. Thankfully, she chose to attend this year’s reunion, and Andy spilled the beans on how that went.

First, he started by addressing the rumors she wasn’t there by saying the RHOSLC OG “did show up.”

“She was not out on the stage for the entire reunion, but she was out there for the exact right amount, and it was a really interesting discussion with her.”

As expected, cast members will remain tight-lipped regarding reunion filming; however, with the latest drama between stars Monica, Lisa Barlow, and Heather Gay, we expect nothing less than fireworks.