Bravo Stars We’re Thankful For

(Photo by Greg Doherty/Bravo via Getty Images)

With Thanksgiving rolling around, there is a lot to be thankful for—the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Black Friday sales, and, of course, this year’s hit Bravolebrities. What a sad year it would be if we had no Bravo. There’d be no Scandoval. No green-eyed bandits. No “What’s wrong with my sewing?” Mercifully, the TV gods have shined down upon us and given us some classic moments and amazing Bravo stars in 2023, and every fan should be thanking their lucky stars. 

Lisa Barlow


Not only has she given us one hell of a rendition of Away in the Manger, but Lisa Barlow made chowing down on Wendy’s, Diet Coke, and Taco Bell cool. I love that she doesn’t go anywhere without a glam squad, and why should she? She is a rich bitch.

Lisa is that perfect mix of down-to-earth yet somehow completely deluded when it comes to everyday life. I am so beyond thankful to have Lisa on my screen once a week, and if Santa thinks I’m worthy, I wouldn’t mind being her new bestie, too! Hell, I’d public bathroom dive to help her find her ring. 

Sutton Stracke

Sutton Stracke/Instagram

The best thing about Sutton Stracke is she will always ask hard questions and never be happy enough with the answers she receives. The Georgia peach is a total weirdo, but that is what makes her so appealing on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Sutton is effortlessly honest and humorous even amid her Magic Mike meltdown. She is the hot mess I never knew I needed on my TV, and I am living for her. 

Alex Propson

Alex Propson/Instagram

Alex, Alex, Alex. As I type this, my face rests in my palms because who knew a quiet yachty could make me cringe so bad? He is an absolute terror on Winter House. Hitting on every woman with a pulse and constantly flirting. You could put a mannequin in front of him, and if he were tipsy enough, he would still try to hit it off with her.

Alex Propson is everything I didn’t know I was missing, but I can’t help but think I can change him. I am thankful I don’t have to put the effort in to change him because it would be pointless. But a girl can still dream. 

Amrit Kapai

Amrit Kapai/Instagram

Family Karma is arguably one of the best shows that Bravo came up with. I loved the look into the Indian culture. I loved the generational relationships. And I loved how Amrit Kapai bravely shared his love story with the world.

Amrit and Nicholas Kouchoukos truly had to overcome a few hurdles to have the wedding of their dreams, but it was all worth it. I actually cried at Amrit’s story, and I am so thankful Bravo cameras were there to capture such a heartwarming tale. 

Scheana Shay


In my book, Scheana Shay will always be as Good as Gold, especially if she comes out with another diss track. The mother of one gave fans one heck of a year thanks to an alleged physical battle with Rachel Leviss, the disowning of Tom Sandoval, and then her release of Apples. It took me a while to be a fan of Scheana, but hell, she has won me over, especially with lyrics like,


How you like them?

Saw you on the internet

You a hot mess

Narcissistic psycho

Cut you out likе lipo

See right through you with my eyes closed

From a Fеrrari to a Jetta.”

…Toss me an apple, Scheana!

Without these one-in-a-million Bravo stars, it would have been a challenging year. Thankfully, this group of cast members knew exactly how to make the most of their small-screen fame, leaving fans only wanting more. So, as I sit down for my turkey and stuffing meal, I will say an extra little thanks to the Bravolebrities who have made my year because without them, I would have been stuck watching CNN.