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Alexis Bellino Says Shannon Beador’s Ex John Janssen Is a ‘New Friend’ in a ‘Similar Place’

Alexis Bellino might not currently be on Real Housewives of Orange County, but right now she’s giving Shannon Beador one hell of a storyline. This is good because, right now, most of Shan’s Season 18 content will revolve around her healing journey after being arrested for drunk driving.

Now it appears Shannon can add something to the list. RHOC alum Alexis is currently making googly eyes at Shannon’s ex John Janssen. And we already know Shannon isn’t fond of Alexis because her former husband enjoyed dragging her all over the courtroom for defamation.

It might be time for Lex to make an appearance because she’s doing the work. After a photo with John at The Quiet Woman started making waves, Alexis decided to go full tsunami. Page Six has the details.

Blame it on the happenstance

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John is out on the Newport Beach streets trying to sully Slade Smiley’s Real Housewives hook-up reputation. After dousing Shannon with his toxicity, he may or may not have his eyes on the Bellino prize. Alexis is not doing a damn thing to shut it down.

“John Janssen and I are two people who met by happenstance,” Alexis explained. “We are discovering that we’re in similar places in our lives. As divorced parents both emerging from recent heartbreak because of relationships ending.” Oooooo, good one! It’s true, both are single. Alexis recently cut Andy Bohn loose after a 3-year relationship.

That said, Alexis is playing coy and clearly playing the game. She added rumors that she and John are banging would be “very inaccurate.” Right now the label seems to be “new acquaintances” and Alexis is looking “forward to hanging out with my new friend.” Hearing this will make Shannon “lose her mind.”

Don’t forget, Alexis and Shannon don’t know each other. They’ve been on RHOC at separate times. Obviously, Shannon is well aware of who Alexis is after being sued by Jim Bellino. In fact, before Shannon was arrested for her DUI, she and Lex had been in the same restaurant where patrons overheard Shan “bitching” about her.

“Other than one incident in which I witnessed her shouting obscenities at me from across a restaurant, immediately prior to her very unfortunate arrest, Shannon Beador and I have never worked together or interacted,” Alexis noted. Has Alexis learned the fine art of subtle shade since taking a hiatus from the show?

A source shared, “Shannon is absolutely devastated that John would spend time with Alexis. Knowing how much pain and hundreds of thousands of dollars the lawsuit her ex-husband filed caused her.” Shan also thinks John was using her to be “in the spotlight” but unfortunately for John, the spotlight basically showed he is “a total POS.”

Maybe we’ll see another alum come back next season.