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Lisa Hochstein Responds to Lenny’s Claims She Takes Adderall and Klonopin for ‘Recreational Use’

Lisa Hochstein is in the middle of a nasty divorce and it’s all going down on Real Housewives of Miami. What you aren’t seeing on RHOM you can easily find on social media because Lisa and Lenny Hochstein don’t seem too concerned about privacy.

Lenny has accused Lisa of bleeding him dry financially and bugging his car. Lisa has mainly concentrated on the money aspect of divorcing a wealthy physician. It’s hard to take care of two kids on a paltry monthly sum and she has her eye on the prize.

Last week Lisa revealed Lenny’s alleged physical abuse and now here’s Lenny with the pills. Now Lisa responds to Lenny’s accusation that her Adderall and Klonopin aren’t for medicinal purposes.

More mudslinging coming in hot

I’ve compared these two to a rich version of Kim and Kroy Biermann and it still tracks. While two successful people should be able to conduct themselves with a modicum of maturity and grace for their kids’ sake, these people are not employed by Bravo.

Lenny basically said Lisa loves her dolls and abuses both Adderall and Klonopin. That said, if you had to sit around and listen to Lenny drone on about sculpting boobs in the greater Miami area, you might also seek out behavioral health care.

The U.S. Sun obtained court docs showing Lenny allegedly found out about Lisa’s supposed pill popping through recordings “recovered from a clandestine listening device.” These “listening devices” were when Lenny thought Lisa was spying on him while he was in his car.

Additionally, Lenny filed an emergency motion back in May to stop Lisa from eavesdropping and taping his private conversations after he found a device taped under the driver’s seat of his car. What in the budget 007 mess is this?

Anydrama, Lenny said Lisa busted herself on the bugs she had planted (allegedly) because he apparently overheard HER talking about Adderall and Klonopin usage. The RHOM star was “surprised and disappointed” her ex would “release [her] medical records” in his “fit of rage.”

Lisa’s statement

Her response read, “I was surprised and disappointed that Doctor Lenny Hochstein, a formerly respected medical professional, would be so cavalier in releasing my medical records in one of his fits of rage. I have prescriptions and am under medical supervision for these medicines.”

Dr. Lenny who is concerned for his children feels Lisa’s ALLEGED Rx abuse “poses a threat to the health, safety, and welfare” to the kids. He did not state how having an affair with a fembot impacts Logan and Elle. Nor did he acknowledge his immaturity, intolerance, or inability to act like a responsible parent on social media.

Lenny and Lisa’s divorce battle will continue this month.

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