Everything That Makes Mary Cosby a Controversial Housewife

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After sitting Season 3 out, Mary Cosby returned as a “friend of” for Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 4. Some fans find her incredibly bizarre actions entertaining. Others want her to be promoted to a main Real Housewife. But many RHOSLC viewers aren’t happy she’s back.

Mary initially left the show after her controversies reached a fever point in Season 2. Not only have those issues not gone away, she’s also accumulated even more problematic moments. At this point, she may be even more polarizing than former co-star Jen Shah. Now that Season 4 is wrapping up, we’re looking at everything that makes Mary Cosby a controversial Housewife. Everything so far, anyway, as there seems to be new controversies coming out about Mary and her family every day.

Mary Cosby’s Church Is Allegedly A Cult


Mary was introduced as the head of a church she inherited from her grandmother, Rosemary Cosby. As Season 2 aired, a Daily Beast investigation found some damning allegations about Faith Temple Pentecostal Church. Former members, including Mary’s uncle, accused her of running the church like a cult. They claimed she thought of herself as God, which is in line with cult leaders. Some even said she is “the most evil thing that ever walked this Earth.”

There were also allegations that she scammed church members into giving her significant portions of their money. That would certainly explain how Mary funds her lifestyle. Her uncle also accused her of mentally abusing followers if they didn’t give enough.

It’s not just that one article, either. The cult allegations have come up on the show as well. One of the former church members appeared on Season 2. While a lot of Real Housewives are controversial, Mary being an alleged cult leader certainly puts her above the pack.

Mary Cosby Married Her Step-Grandfather

Mary Cosby Real Housewives of Salt Lake City RHOSLC

To take over her late grandmother’s church/alleged cult, Mary agreed to marry Rosemary’s widower, Robert Cosby Sr. It’s probably the creepiest marriage dynamic in Real Housewives history, which says a lot. She even has Robert Sr. saved in her phone as “Dad.”

It’s also wild that Mary had the audacity to say Heather Gay looks “inbred” when she married her own step-grandfather.

Mary’s History Of Racially Insensitive Comments

Mary Cosby Real Housewives of Salt Lake City RHOSLC

After Jen Shah’s arrest (or Shah-rest), Mary earned backlash for saying Jen was like a “Mexican thug” who “(makes) all those drugs.” To say the offensive and racist stereotype didn’t sit well with viewers would be an understatement. Mary’s bizarre apology didn’t go over too well either.

A few episodes later, Mary also made racist remarks about Jennie Nguyen‘s appearance. But when Jennie’s own racist social media posts came out, Mary’s offensive comments fell to the wayside.

But many didn’t forget about Mary’s racism, and were disappointed she came back in the first place. Now, the more rude comments Mary makes this season, the more her past remarks get brought back up. When Jen alleged a costar used the N-word, fans speculated if it was Mary.

Mary’s Son Robert Jr. Was Recently Exposed For Drug Use

All About the Tea via Instagram

There’s been a lot of questions about Mary’s relationship with her son, Robert Jr. How could she not know her own son got married? Why do Robert and his wife still live with Mary? Why does he seem so…off when he’s on camera?

Well, the last question may have an answer, as social media pictures, via All About the Tea, of Robert Jr. and his wife’s apparent drug use recently went viral. Surely, this latest controversy will invite more questions about what Mary really knows about her son’s life.

Mary Is Super Rude To Everyone

Mary’s always had a mean streak, which is interesting considering all the things about her that co-stars could use as comebacks. At the start of the season, a number of fans found her insults funny. But a few episodes in, her holier-than-thou, judgmental attitude was already tired. According to Mary, she came back because RHOSLC needed her. But at this point, she may be dragging it down.

It’s not just that she’s rude to her co-stars. She’s rude to everyone. Her interaction with a waiter made viewers cringe, and not in a funny way like Meredith Marks and Chad (the waiter who was not security). She also lashes out at Bravo fan accounts, one of her many bizarre social media antics.

Mary Body-Shamed Heather Gay

Mary’s been rude all season, but fans really took umbrage with her body shaming of Heather. During a game on Watch What Happens Live, Mary said Heather’s Gucci outfit must’ve been fake, because of her size. Andy Cohen was clearly thrown off by the comment. But it was far from the first time Mary commented on Heather’s body.

Heather responded with subtle shade, thanking Gucci for being size inclusive. The post earned many supportive comments, showing viewers were overwhelmingly on Heather’s side. After the disastrous WWHL appearance, many who found Mary’s antics funny changed their tune. It didn’t help that Mary also told Heather she looks “inbred” on the show.

The constant cruel comments have only reminded people of all the ways Mary is such a controversial Housewife.