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Mary Cosby Apologizes For “Reckless” And “Unintentional” Comment About “Mexican Thug[s]” On RHOSLC

The Real Housewives universe has truly never seen a character quite like Mary Cosby before. Mary hit the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City ground running and had people talking before even appearing in her first episode. She’s married to her step-grandfather, runs a sketchy church she inherited by her grandmother, and lives in a massive home that can only be described as Alice In Wonderland chic. Mary spent most of Season 1 in her closet but now that she’s out, she’s causing quite a damn mess on the show.

Mary’s been in the center of the drama this time around on RHOSLC. She’s facing allegations that her church is a cult and that she misappropriates money from her parishioners to fund her over-the-top lifestyle. She’s also not exactly popular with her co-stars for some of her comments, particularly her one-time friend Whitney Rose. That is unless she’s gifting the girls with designer presents. Then they seem to like her just fine.

Mary recently made fans upset during an episode of RHOSLC when she made some tone-deaf comments about Jen Shah’s arrest while battling the rumors about her church. She compared Jen to a “Mexican thug” who “[makes] all those drugs,” as Page Six reports. The comment wasn’t overly highlighted in the episode but caused quite a stir online after it aired. Now, Mary has taken the Notes App apology to a whole new level with a recent post on Instagram. 


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Mary posted an apology for her “poor judgment in [her] choice of words” in regards to the Mexican comment. For some reason, she used a ridiculous font that is reminiscent of “Live Laugh Love” signs from Homegoods to convey her remorse, which is odd but on-brand for her. “I was not trying to single out the Mexican culture. I am African American and I know racism first hand. I’ve lived it daily my entire life,” Mary wrote.

Mary added in her post that it was important for fans to hear the apology directly from her, even though it wasn’t addressed until a full week after the episode aired. Mary’s not good with social media so her week-long silence could be attributed to many things, but it’s definitely not a good look whatsoever. She added that her words were “reckless” and “unintentional” in the post. The comments on her Instagram are turned off but based on the internet’s response, people are a bit wary of Mary’s interesting apology.


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