Signs That Ariana Madix Isn’t Over Tom Sandoval

(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

Scandoval rocked the Bravosphere back in March, leaving many Vanderpump Rules fans on the side of Ariana Madix. We quickly learned that Tom Sandoval had stepped out with Rachel Leviss in what they believed was a whirlwind affair. Naturally, Ariana was livid, and she took her anger out on the couple during the Season 10 reunion.

Even though that wasn’t the best look for the blonde, fans still stuck by her. However, with Season 11 fast approaching, slated to premiere in early 2024, it is starting to feel like Ariana isn’t accepting that Tom just isn’t that into her. 

The worm with a mustache has been one of the most hated reality TV stars for months now. Even though he has tried to revamp his look, most find themselves supporting Ariana in everything she does. But could all of Ariana’s moves actually be a calculated way to stay close to Tom? We think that the Something About Her owner is having a hard time letting go. 

Save the Last Dance

Dancing With The Stars/YouTube

Ariana is one of the latest competitors on Dancing With The Stars, and she is killing it. Her first dance surely left Tom’s jaw on the floor as she rocked a replica red reunion dress. Honestly, the world is rooting for Ariana to take the Mirror Ball trophy home. However, it hasn’t been missed that she is clearly trying to catch the eye of her former flame.

The Vanderpump Rules star’s first song, Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld, was a direct hit for Tom’s attention with lyrics like, “I take it nice and slow, feeling good on my own…Without you, yeah (hey!)…Got me speaking in tongues; the beautiful it comes…Without you, yeah (hey!)…I’m gonna put my body first…And love me so hard ’til it hurts (hey!)…I know how to scream out the words…Scream the words”

Since that opening number, she has danced to Cruel Summer by Taylor Swift with lyrics that include “I don’t wanna keep secrets just to keep you.” She has also channeled her inner Britney Spears with I’m a Slave 4 U. There is no denying that Ariana is trying to use dance to heal herself. However, it does feel like she’s trying to hold onto the love she once had with the Tom Tom co-owner. 

Ariana and Tom Were Still Roommates

Ariana Madix/Instagramam

Up until Ariana started training for Dancing With The Stars, she and Tom were very much cohabitating within the same shared Valley Village home. It seems neither had SURved up plans to move out into the wilds of West Hollywood, which almost makes sense since their mortgage would be pricey.

However, if it had just been revealed that my significant other had publicly humiliated me, you bet your bottom dollar that he would have been evicted. Girl math isn’t adding up, especially since the former couple refused to film together. The choice was hard to swallow, mainly because they did still share the same home.  

Ariana was caught talking about the living situation in Season 10, noting that they stayed in separate rooms and used friends to relay messages to one another. It could be that Ariana is hoping to actually run into her ex and maybe even hope to keep tabs on him. 

Ariana Is Still Angry


Vanderpump Rules Season 11 shows Ariana still very much holding onto anger when it comes to her broken relationship with Tom. Ariana has already noted that she “wouldn’t be surprised” if fans turned against her after the new season.

After the super teaser was released at BravoCon 2023, fans took to social media with their theories, with one writing, “Mark my words, everyone’s gonna hate Ariana this season and develop a soft spot for Tom.” The Bravo star replied to the comment, writing, “Certainly wouldn’t be surprised if the audience swings that way.”

Breakups are hard for everyone involved. And as the one that was cheated on, it is probably ten times harder for Ariana. However, if she is genuinely trying to move on from Tom she needs to make a bit more of an effort. No amount of Cha-Chaing or affiliate ads will help mend her hurt heart.