Everything We Know About Vanderpump Rules Season 11

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Vanderpump Rules Season 10 ended on a dark high. Following Tom Sandoval and Rachel Leviss‘ affair, Bravo‘s then-downed cameras picked back up to film the fall-out. Within, the cast stood, severely fractured. The ratings from this Scandoval storyline, however, brought about an all-time high for this once-borderline-dead series.

Where this cast can go from here is anyone’s guess. That said, several leaks have since transpired, as the filming for VPR‘s upcoming season has just wrapped. Curious? Here’s everything that we know about Vanderpump Rules Season 11, which looks messy af.

The Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Teaser


Vanderpump Rules’ Season 11 teaser has just dropped at BravoCon, and chiiiilllld, it looks good. It’s a short one, but the amount of information within is enough to have us seated and ready. With a slowed down theme song that gradually intensifies before glass shatters across the screen, it looks like tensions are still high (duh) following Ariana and Tom’s split. Jokingly, James Kennedy is the first to speak, drawing a line in the sand with his toes to separate Ariana’s space from Tom’s during what appears to be a group outing.

A few beats later, Lisa Vanderpump appears on the screen, Not shockingly, Lisa asks Scheana Shay and Lala Kent to show compassion towards their fallen-from-grace costar, Tom. This is followed up by an on-the-ground Tom, who is screaming through what looks like a therapy session gone feral. In an interesting turn of events, Scheana then embraces Tom, while a questioning Katie Maloney asks Scheana if she is willing to loose Ariana’s friendship.

Moving along, Ariana accuses Tom of trying to ‘kill’ her dog, while Lala sits nearby, nervously playing with her nails. Ariana then tells Tom that her “lawyer will be dealing with” him. The camera now pans back to the beach outing, where Tom announces “I’m out,” as a seated-in-the-sand Ariana laughs. See, there’s a lot to unpack, making us all-the-more eager for the premiere of Vanderpump Rules Season 11.

When Will Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Premiere?


Unfortunately, we will have to wait until January 2024 for the premiere of Vanderpump Rules Season 11. In addition, the official first episode does not yet have a specific date in January, so all we can do now is sit back and wait for further developments to unfold.

What we do know is that Season 11 began filming back in July 2023, according to a post made on the network’s official Instagram page. Filming wrapped the following September.

The Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Cast

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Rachel has kissed reality television goodbye, as did Charli Burnett. In contrast, the series regulars of Lala, Ariana, Sandoval, James, Katie, Scheana, Lisa, and Tom Schwartz will all return for VPR Season 11. Returning in “friends-of” roles will be Brock Davies, Scheana’s husband, and Ally Lewber, James’ girlfriend. For the record, Daniel Wai, Ariana’s new man, has yet to confirm whether or not he filmed beside his leading lady.

On the contrary, rounding out this crew, for at least one episode, is none other than Jax Taylor, which, ugh. At BravoCon, the show’s executive producers sat on a panel called “Spilling Vanderpump Tea with Bravo Producers.” Here, it was revealed that Sandoval’s former bestie Jax will drop in to catch up with Sandoval. “There’s going to be this amazing moment with Jax Taylor, where he has the opportunity to talk, for lack of a better word, to Tom,” executive producer Sheonna Mix teased. 

As for other appearances from VPR stars of the past, Sheonna would only add that “These are real friends, real friendships, so even though people are no longer on the show, they are still very much involved in their lives.” If this was a clue, my money is on Billie Lee. Billie was spotted out with Sandoval during the time of filming for Season 11. I’d be happy to be found wrong though, which would see Season’s 10 cast kept mostly in-tact for Season 11.

Leaked Information

Vanderpump Rules Party/Instagram

Apart from the narratives found in the teaser, the cast members were all just together at BravoCon, living their best lives. Therefore, when asked to attach just one word to best describe Season 11, the cast had varying reactions, which proved that this season is likely messy. However, both Ally and Lala replied “sad.”

James said “surprising” as Katie stated “bewildered.” Ariana expressed “emo,” while Lisa answered “tumultuous.” Then the mic went to Sandoval, who said “roller coaster” as people booed, pretty much proving his point. When it got to Schwartz, he was mad because Katie had earlier quipped that he looked like a couch, but then he finally said “Shakesperian,” which, huh?

Scheana wrapped it all up by using two words, exclaiming “f*cking hard.” We know from the Vanderpump Rules Season 11 finale leaks that Scheana’s words are likely accurate. You see, Ariana and Sandoval each brought dates to this event. Schwartz likely did as well, since Jo Wenberg was spotted engaged in a conversation with Katie, which we need to watch, NOW.

In other news, an intoxicated fan crashed the finale. He was removed, but then returned, looking for action. As for the rest of Season 11, the fallout from Scandoval will still be felt. At this point, the cast must decide how, or even if, they want to move forward with Sandoval.

Furthermore, Ariana and Katie’s sandwich shop had cameras spotted outside, filming at their storefront. Afterwards, images circulated of the cast taste-testing the ladies menu. Another filming location was Lake Tahoe, where the entire cast traveled for a getaway, which sounds messy. Due to all of this chaotic information, for us, Vanderpump Rules Season 11 cannot come quickly enough.