Brittany Cartwright
Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Brittany Cartwright Gives Update on Second Baby Plans

Is there another little Cauchi (Jax Taylor’s legal name) on the way? On November 17, Vanderpump Rules alum Brittany Cartwright visited Kristen Doute’s podcast Sex, Love, and What Else Matters. Of course, the subject came up that’s been on everyone’s minds since their son Cruz was born in April 2021: When is the next baby coming?

The former SUR waitress told Kristen that she and Jax have been trying for another baby for “a couple of months” now. They’re hoping to give Cruz a little sister, but it just hasn’t happened yet.

Jax and Britt are thinking pink for baby number two!

“It’s just been not happening yet for us,” Britt sighed. “But fingers crossed.”

“I would love to have a girl if I’m being 100 percent honest,” the Kentucky native added. “Because I [already] have a boy.” However, she really wouldn’t mind if she and Jax had another boy. “I don’t care either way.”

Now that she’s already been through the newborn stage with Cruz, Brittany feels more prepared to caring for a baby the second time around. She admits she gained so much confidence taking care of Cruz during his first few months, “which will be helpful for [her] second time.”

“I know more about delivery,” Brittany shared. “I know more about postpartum. Like, I’ve learned so much about my own body even.” Everything she learned with Cruz “will help me with the next one.”

Britt no longer wants three children

During her conversation with Kristen, Brittany admitted that she’s changed her mind about wanting three children. Since Cruz is such a good boy, she worries that her future children could have a different temperament. And as any mom will tell you, the more you have, there’s bound to be at least one troublemaker in the mix.

“I definitely want more than one,” the VPR alum explained. “I always thought I wanted three. But now that I have one — even though Cruz is honestly the best behaved, like, kid ever.”

“He is so chill … independent and easy,” she continued. “The next one is probably going to come out acting just like Jax Taylor. So that might be something different,” Brittany laughed.

Jax has previously said he only wanted two children, adding, “God gave me two hands for two kids.” Plus when you have three, two parents are outnumbered. And the little ones know it. Kids are pretty smart that way.