Kroy Biermann and Kim Zolciak
(Photo by Paras Griffin/GC Images via Getty Images)

Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann Enjoy Rare Win in Fight Against Home Foreclosure

Great news for cops in Alpharetta, GA! They won’t have to memorize a new address to show up at to referee Kim Zolciak/maybe Biermann (for today) and Kroy Biermann’s fights in the midst of their maybe-divorce and financial firestorm. At least for now.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, The Real Housewives of Atlanta/ Don’t Be Tardy alums struck a deal with Truist Bank. The two were granted more time to offload their gawdy McMansion before the bank takes it.

Kim and Kroy caught a small break from foreclosure proceedings

Photo Credit: @kimzbiermann via Instagram

Kim and Kroy’s 9,500 sq. ft madhouse has been on the market for $6 million for a bit. But, it still hasn’t sold. Since $6 million would put a dent in the financial hole they’ve deeply dug with a Chanel shovel, they really need to sell it. However, they can’t do that if it gets foreclosed upon, so they took measures to delay the foreclosure. It worked! At least temporarily.

In addition to Kim’s recent cash grab strategy of exploiting her daughter Brielle Biermann’s womb with a fake pregnancy announcement, last month, Kim and Kroy filed a complaint AND slapped Truist with a temporary restraining order. Who even knew you could do that? These schemes are wild.

Truist hit back with a “nonjudicial foreclosure proceeding,” scheduling a house auction for November 7, 2023. Panic mode activated, Kim and Kroy begged the court to hit pause on their foreclosure, which the court granted.

The couple cut a deal with Truist, giving them until January 11, 2024, to respond to the case. This gives them more time to find someone with $6 million and a fetish for corny interior design.

Kim pleaded for mercy

Photo Credit: @kimzbiermann via Instagram

Kim spilled her feelings in a court declaration. “I am writing this affidavit today with a sense of urgency and a sincere request for your understanding and assistance in a matter of great importance to my family.”

It continued, “Our primary concern revolves around the home that we share, in which we have invested not only our finances but also our memories…”

Kim and Kroy “strongly believe that the proceeds from its sale can help alleviate our financial difficulties and secure a stable future for our children. However, the impending threat of foreclosure is looming over us, and time is of the essence.”

“Kroy and I will face insurmountable financial hardships, and the most devasting consequence will be the impact on our children, who would be left homeless.”

Well, Kim, did your children being homeless cross your mind when you were gambling away thousands? Was that $30k vagina a priority above keeping a roof over their heads? Make it make sense!

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