Bethenny Frankel
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Bethenny Frankel Describes Herself as the ‘Erin Brockovich’ of Reality TV

The reality reckoning is upon us, with Bethenny Frankel at the movement’s forefront. Reality TV stars deserve fair treatment just as much as anyone else – certainly as much as members of SAG-AFTRA. However, some have questioned if the former Real Housewives of New York star’s intentions are pure, or if she just enjoys the attention of being a figurehead. Now, she’s compared herself to Erin Brockovich.

Is Bethenny patting herself on the back too hard?


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In speaking with Brock Colyar from The Cut, Bethenny said, “They’re calling me Erin Brockovich,” though she failed to specify who ‘they’ were. She also noted how “it’s taking some courage” to carry out her reality reckoning. However, despite the difficulty, Bethenny has seen intense internal growth since burning her bridges with Bravo.

“I’ve never had a better relationship with women than after leaving the show,” she explained. “That’s what’s ironic. It’s a space of women. But you’re not having that many positive experiences because you’re fighting for your life.” She compared her time in front of the cameras to that of a “caged animal.”

Bethenny also made sure to take a shot at Andy Cohen, a figurehead for many of her criticisms. “He’s been able to sit back and have a Cheshire grin. He’s watching Gladiator, watching everyone rip each other apart and being entertained by it. He’s become very wealthy profiting off of women’s –” she failed to finish that thought, but the implication was clear.

Housewife compares Bethenny to Frankenstein’s monster

On the other hand, many of Bethenny’s detractors certainly wouldn’t call her Erin Brockovich, or anything of the sort. An unnamed Housewife also spoke with Colyar, saying Bethenny was more interested in being “a hashtag” than a crusader. “She’s a creation of Bravo,” the Housewife explained.

“They created a Frankelstein, gave her power, and as in life imitating art, she turned against her creator. It was obvious and inevitable.” Of course, much like Victor Frankenstein, Bravo may be the one at fault for who their creation became. The anonymous Housewife continued, “She’d like everyone to believe that she gives a damn about the exploitative nature of reality TV.

“Instead, what she’s doing is desperately trying to keep herself relevant, making herself the hero without doing any real work.” Bethenny, meanwhile, has said, “I have no intentions of being the Fran Drescher of the reality TV space.” However, regardless of intent, some reform in the reality TV space feels overdue.